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The Food Show 2016

Last Saturday I went to The Food Show for the very first time. Even though I’m such a foodie, I’ve never been and I can’t believe I’m been missing out the past few years! Today’s post will feature my haul and some photos I took from The Food Show. It was a pretty hectic day but I managed to get some snaps of the stalls that caught my attention.

I went a bit overboard with the food shopping too but I got some pretty good deals! There were hundreds of stalls so it was so hard to leave the place empty-handed!

I’ll start this post with the things I got. I went with my sister Joan (another foodie like me and much better at making food as she studied Patisserie at Uni). We got similar things so I’ve included hers here too because we shared a few things to get a better deal.

atone konjac sponges.jpg

Can you believe the first thing I bought at The Food Show was not even food but beauty-related? I got the atone konjac cleansing sponge. These sponges made from Konjac roots and are meant to be great at cleansing the pores to eliminate dirt, kills acne/pimple causing bacteria and gently exfoliates the skin. They were doing a but 2 get 1 free deal so I got one for oily skin, combination skin sponge for my sister and a bigger sponge for the body. I’m excited to use these!

finn's fudge.jpg

I love fudge so when I tried Finn’s Fudge, I couldn’t resisting picking 2 boxes. One is for my sister’s bf. I wanted the sea salt caramel fudge but they were sold out. I chose the Russian fudge and chocolate fudge. We’ve already finished 1 box and the fudge is so smooth. They’re made in NZ and a box was $5.

heilala vanilla the food show.jpg

My sister who loves to bake got these two Heilala Vanilla products for 2 for $25. She said this was on her list and it was such a good deal.

nz girl guide cookies.jpg

When we saw the Girl Guide stall, I kinda squealed in excitement because I love Girl Guide cookies. Who doesn’t?! They were doing a 3 for $10 deal. You can’t go wrong with their cookies and I want to know what their secret is.

pic's peanut butter.jpg

My sister and I also got Pic’s Peanut Butter. I got the crunchy and she got the smooth. I’ve tried these before and they’re one of the best ones. They were 2 for $10.

the village press olive oil.jpg

One of the main things on my list before coming the The Food Show was The Village Press olive oils. I was given their garlic flavour a few months back and I’m almost out of it so I wanted to get another bottle.

the village press nz extra virgin olive oil

They were doing a 3 for $25 deal and it came with free bread and recyclable bag. I got the garlic, garlic and rosemary and truffle olive oils. I love the truffle one the most. The free bread was also good.

granny delicious fudge icing mix

I also got 4 tubs of Granny Delicious Fudge Icing Mix. I got sucked into these because I tasted all the three and they were really good for something so easy to make. I love to bake but I get lazy making icing so these mixes are great for people like me. They were doing a buy 3 get 1 free for $15. I got the choc peppermint, choc strawberry and two choc vanilla flavours.

granny delicious the food show.jpg

Their stall was so cute as well and there was another flavour choc orange but I’m not too fond of the jaffa flavours so I passed on it.

quarter past drinks the food show.jpg

Probably the best deal we got was from Quarter Past. We got 6 bottles of their amazing stuff for $20! The deal was 5 bottles for $20 but we wanted to try another one, she gave us a bottle for free. This whole haul was shared between myself, my sister and her bf and that’s why there are 3 salted caramel syrups.

quarter past the food show.jpg

If you haven’t heard of Quarter Past, check their site and they’re available on Countdown Supermarkets too. They have syrups to go on your coffee or milk and teas. We loved the peach tea. I got the lemon ginger & honey syrup because it would be great if I have a cold.

west coast cocoa hot chocolate.jpg

Last but not the least is our lovely haul from West Coast Cocoa Merchants. This was also in my list prior to coming and we hunted it down. They were doing 3 for $25 so we indulged. These hot chocolates were one of the best hot chocolates I’ve ever tried. I got the caramel, dark chocolate and deluxe tubs and my sister got the same but with the peppermint too. I like how they came in a recyclable cloth bag too. I can’t wait to make these at home!

west coast cocoa merchants the food show

Their stall was really busy so it was hard to take photos but they’re truly great. I love the packaging and branding too. They’re made in NZ.

original foods baking co donuts

I’d also like to add that I designed my own donut from the Original Foods Baking stall. I took it home for the bf though and he said it was nice.

the food show 2016

Moving on to the other stalls at The Food Show, here are ones I was able to capture:

fresh as the food show.jpg

One of the first stalls we saw and food we tasted was Fresh As. They sell freeze-fried fruits that are great for baking. Their stall was packed and they had amazing cards with recipes on them.

harney & sons tea

My sister is obsessed with tea so we couldn’t walk past the Harney & Sons stall. Their tins are beautiful.

the food show drinks

There were a lot of good looking and tasty drinks too. I know the Soda Press Co was really popular and their bottles are so pretty as well. We also tried the blk water which tasted like water. I wish I got a bottle.

coyo ice cream

The COYO stall with delicious ice cream was great too. We didn’t tubs of ice cream because it would’ve melted by the time we got home. I really liked the mango & lime ice cream.

The Food Show is full of samples to try which can be overwhelming. It could also be pretty filling if you go through each stall. However, we got hungry and decided to stop at Street Food Alley before the mad lunch rush.

street food alley.jpg

Street Food Alley had 5-6 stalls selling proper food and not just for taste testing. We got food from Nanam and Akemi’s Gyoza.

nanam the food show.jpg

I’ve always wanted to go to Nanam which is a Filipino restaurant with a twist. I’ve heard the food is great but I’ve never been. I got the famous taco pao and it was delicious.

nanam filipino food.jpg

My sister got the longanisa taco with soup which was also good. Based on these two dishes alone, I’m really keen on going to their proper restaurant and trying Filipino food like I’ve never had before.

minty b ice cream the food show.jpg

Right beside Nanam was Minty B Ice Creamery and since our lunch was savoury, this was a perfect dessert.

minty b ice cream

We got all different toppings and mine was with the popcorn. It was great but there was so much ice cream. Minty B ice cream is made from coconut so its vegan, dairy free and gluten free. I highly recommend trying their ice cream if you ever see their cute little trailer!

the food show auckland haul.jpg

This concludes my first ever The Food Show experience and I really enjoyed it. I’m definitely planning on going next year and I’ll be more prepared by then. There were so many goodies. There were a few on my list that I didn’t get to buy because there were too many people and I’ve already spent too much. I’m pretty happy with my haul though.

If you went to The Food Show, let me know what was your highlight/best bargain buy from the day. I want to know what to look out for next time!

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