e.l.f. blush palette light

e.l.f. blush palette

Today’s blog post features this blush palette from e.l.f. cosmetics. I’ve seen this palette months ago on American Youtuber videos but I haven’t seen it in NZ until a few weeks ago while I was shopping at Kmart.

e.l.f. blush palette.jpg

There are two e.l.f. blush palettes: light and dark. I have the light version as Kmart didn’t have the dark one. If you want to see swatches and my initial thoughts about the palette, continue down below.

The palette has 4 shades. They shades don’t have specific names but the left hand side has pink shades while the right has more peachy and brown tones.

e.l.f. blush palette light 1.jpg

What I love about this palette is its size and the huge mirror. This would be great for travelling.

e.l.f. blush palette light.jpg

I don’t have a photo of the back but each of the blushes can pop out of the packaging. I haven’t tried it because I don’t need to but it’s an option and potentially customisable.

At first glance, this palette is pretty. I like the shades and it’s compact. It’s also affordable at $15 at Kmart.

As for the shades themselves, here’s a quick swatch of them on my arm:

e.l.f. blush palette light swatches.jpg

The left swatches are for the top shades and the bottom two are also the bottom shades on the palette. The colours are all different from each other which is nice.

The first (top left on the palette) is a light pink shade. This shade is a tad too light for me so it’s not a shade I’d gravitate towards. The second (upper right on the palette) is a peachy brown shade and this is more of a bronzer shade for me instead of a blush.

elf blush palette swatches.jpg

The third (lower left on the palette) is a mauve shade which is my favourite out of all four. The last (lower right on the palette) is a dark coral shade with a hint of shimmer. The last shade is the only one with shimmer as the rest are matte.

e.l.f. light blush palette .jpg

The shades in this palette are quite pigmented. More pigmented than I expected so you have to be careful. The first time I used this on my face, I had way too much product and looked like a clown. A light tap of the brush is enough and you can just build it up.

The downside of this palette for me is that the they’re quite powdery and can appear chalky if you apply too much. However, it’s workable and for the price, you can’t really complain too much. You get 4 shades for NZ$15 so it’s pretty cheap.

Overall, this is not a bad palette especially if you’re just starting out and don’t want to spend too much money on makeup. I love e.l.f. for its affordability and I’m glad I picked this one up to add to my collection.

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2 thoughts on “e.l.f. blush palette

  1. Cass Thompson says:

    So glad these are now at Kmart – I have been wanting to try them for a while! I have a few of the single blushes and do like them, but some can be way too shimmery for me. I like that they have some matte shades here, need to go and hunt this one down.

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