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The photos in this post was taken back in June but I couldn’t not share the prettiest place I’ve ever had brunch in. If you live in Auckland, I highly recommend checking out Homestead on a beautiful day. I went here for brunch with a bunch of NZ bloggers. I’ve never been here before and this place was full of surprises.

pah homestead auckland .jpg

Pah Homestead is in Hillsborough within the Monte Cecilia Park. I didn’t really know what to expect when I was driving here so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the beautiful old building above.

homestead house on a hill.jpg

The building is a historic home that is now used as an art gallery and a cafe on the ground level.

homestead cafe menu.jpg

Homestead’s menu is short but quite interesting as there were a few things in the menu that I haven’t seen before/not the usual brunch food. We ordered coffee first as per usual and while waiting for all the other bloggers to arrive.

homestead cafe auckland

I’m quite picky when it comes to brunch food and I usually don’t like having anything with eggs for breakfast so I’m glad Homestead’s menu is different as I was able to order chicken and fries.


I had the Choi Chicken which is like chicken nibbles with chilli, tomato, honey and peanuts. I had shoestring fries on the side and our lovely server also recommended it as he said people don’t realise this is just chicken. Although it was on the spicy side for me, I enjoyed it.

homestead cafe foodsalad

Here are what the others had. I’m certain the photo above is the Homestead breakfast and the bottom is definitely the Salad of brussel sprouts.

Homestead auckland.jpg

The cafe has a nice indoor area full of art and there are yummy-looking things in the cabinet too.

pah homestead auckland.jpg

I think the best part of the cafe is the outdoor eating area though as it overlooks the garden.

monte cecilia parkone tree hill

The view to the park is so nice and in the far distance, you can also see the top of One tree Hill.

As I mentioned before, this place is absolutely beautiful. I love old/historic buildings. My full time job deals with buildings like this too so I have a penchant for heritage.

the pah homesteadpah homestead buildingthe pah homestead building

I love the architectural details of this building.


I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for an outfit photo when Nishu of Lipsnberries offered to take a photo.

winter outfit.jpg

I’m wearing a Decjuba knitted top. Kmart camel coat, Topshop jeans, Wittner boots and Michael Kors bag.

The main use of the building besides the cafe is an art gallery. It houses the James Wallace Art Trust Collection and it has been since 2010.

chandelier homestead house.jpghomestead art galleryjames wallace art trustpah homestead art gallerythe pah homestead gallery

My photos don’t do this place and artwork any justice. You have to visit to see it for yourself. It may be a small gallery but the pieces showcased are all beautiful.

pah homestead building auckland.jpg

I think if you’re after a nice brunch out and have time to wander afterwards, definitely come here. Not only would you get a nice meal/drink but you’ll have a taste of NZ art and history.

This is by far the prettiest brunch location I’ve ever been to and I would definitely come back.

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