June – July Highlights

My last recap post was back in May so it’s about time I do another update since the past two months were definitely better than April & May combined for various reasons.

The first thing that consumed most of my time was transitioning my cats Turbo and Mouse to be indoor-outdoor cats. In my previous posts, I may have touched on that both of them were indoor-only cats but I felt that it was about time to let them out. It wasn’t an easy decision for me as I know the dangers of them being outside but I took my time and I did it slowly.


It paid off because Turbo and Mouse are great outside and good at keeping close by. Turbo as you can see above has a sense of humour. He’s hilarious and when I work from home, he likes to say hello from the window as my desk faces that window he climbs up on. Turbo loves exploring outside and most likely eating someone else’s food too because he’s gained weight again. I need to put him back on a diet.


Mouse loves being outside more than Turbo but thankfully he’s always close and he comes straight back in for food. At the moment, I have my cat door taped up because only Turbo has figured out how to use it. If you have any tips on how to teach cats to use the cat flap, let me know. Mouse hasn’t got the hang of it yet after my failed attempts at teaching him.

If you want to see more of their adventures, follow them on IG at turbothetuxedo and mousethegreykitty.

The second and probably the best thing about the past two months was going to Little Mix at the end of July.

little mix.jpg

I didn’t have great photos as I took more videos but I absolutely love Little Mix. We were close to the front at third row and by wearing heels, I was able to see clearly see them. The concert was short but they were great live. They look and sound amazing. I love Little Mix’s songs and I liked them before my break-up but I loved them even more afterwards because their songs helped me.

litte mix outfit.jpg

One of their most popular songs is “Shoutout to my Ex” which is the PERFECT song for me. My clever and funny sister actually bought me this dress (worn as a shirt) off Boohoo because of the breakup and the concert. It was the perfect outfit to wear and I dressed up for it. I even wore a choker necklace for the first time and put pink colour on my hair using the coloured sprays I got sent from L’oreal.

dad's birthday.jpg

It was also my dad’s birthday so we had a nice dinner at Tok Tok, my favourite place in Takapuna and a party at home.

The other events I went to were a party with my blogger friend Lena of Lena Talks Beauty. The theme was apres ski but I didn’t really have ski gear so I opted for my current favourite knitwear which is this pink sweater from The Warehouse. I got is XL so it’s oversized and pretty much a dress on me. It’s basically my uniform especially at home.

barepr party

And The Food Show:

the food show.jpg

I already wrote a blog post about The Food Show right here but I actually went twice but I only blogged about the first day of me going. On the second day, I did champagne tasting and bought more things. The one on the right is my haul from two days. I love The Food Show and I recommend it for you foodies.

I also got new glasses the past month.

marc jacobs glasses

The style is different to all my previous glasses. It’s a bit granny-ish but I love it. I got it from Spex for You.


I don’t really have good selfies with my glasses on mainly snapchat selfies. Haha.


Speaking of accessories, I have been loving PINK. I’ve worn pink 5 consecutive days in a row and also bought pink accessories. The coat on the left was an opshop find last year and I love it. The pair of shoes on the right was a sale find from Rubi shoes.


The past month was also more tidying up of my room. It’s still not complete and I’m not 100% happy with it but I’m getting there. At least my lounge/living area is done. The clear drawer thing on the right is from Onceit. My jewellery holders are from The Warehouse.


In terms of food, I can’t not feature Alturra here. I don’t know why I haven’t been there before but their flat white was the best flat white I’ve ever had. I need to go back asap.


I also went to the new GIAPO store near Britomart because my sister won a voucher. If you love ice cream and chocolate, you have to go there. On the right is a massive Squiggle Cookie. They had to cut it with a saw.

Another big change from my last recap post when I said that I briefly had a flatmate is that I found a new flatmate and thankfully she’s much better than my previous one.

Last but not the least, one of the exciting things blogging-wise was getting sent a bunch of Wet N Wild makeup. I’ve already blogged about it so check it out here.


I hope next highlight is more exciting that this as I’m going to NZ Fashion Week again.

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