Krispy Kreme NZ

Krispy Kreme NZ

So last Friday, I was lucky enough to be invited to Krispy Kreme’s VIP launch event. I was part of the first group that was able to check out the first New Zealand store, try out their drinks, doughnuts and get a behind the scenes sneak peak. The store opens to the public this morning at 8am so if you want to know what to expect, continue down below.

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New Zealand is pretty late at getting brands and companies maybe because of how far we are from everything. However, as the saying goes, it’s better late than never! Well our wait is over because Krispy Kreme is finally here in our shores. The first store at 3 Ronwood Avenue, Manukau is open to the public and I think it will definitely be a smashing hit.

krispykreme nz store.jpg

When I arrived at the store, I was surprised at it’s size. For a place that mainly sells doughnuts, the store is massive and there are a lot of seats.

Krispy Kreme NZ Auckland

Just like other fast food outlets, there is a counter where all the delicious-looking doughnuts are displayed. They also have a few selection of bagels for those who are after a more savoury treat.


Towards the left when you go through the doors is a big glass window where you can see the kitchen. Everything is open so you can see the production line of doughnuts being cooked and glazed.

krispy kreme milkshake and coffee.jpg

Towards the right of the counter is a drinks station. Krispy Kreme offers a variety of drinks such as milkshakes, kremeshakes and coffee. I highly recommend the Original Glazed Kreme shake as it tastes exactly like the doughnut.

nz krispy kreme store.jpgkrispy kreme nz doughnuts

If you’re wondering about the flavours, there are 13 in total with the Original Glazed being the most popular. The doughnuts are so pretty and they are actually all hand decorated by staff. So those Kookies N; Kreme doughnuts are all done by the awesome people in the kitchen and I must say, it was the one I was eyeing at the most.

The price range for the doughnuts are between $3-3.50 each. The box of a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts are $19.90 and an assorted box is $27.90.

krispy kreme nz vip event.jpg

I really enjoyed this event. It was so much fun and I’m glad I got to enjoy it with my fellow bloggers Jess and Georgie. I was on a sugar high and I loved that we got to participate in three activities.

krispykreme auckland nz.jpg

The first thing my group did was to tour the kitchen/production line. They explained how the doughnuts are made and different stages. The best part of this was being given an Original Glazed doughnut fresh from the conveyor belt. It was warm and so fresh. It was the best doughnut my lips have ever touched and sadly, I probably won’t get that chance again.

VIP launch Krispy Kreme NZ.jpg

Secondly, we were able to try dipping the doughnuts in icing. It was harder than I thought making sure the doughnuts are pretty.

krispy kreme nz DIY doughnuts.jpg

Lastly, we got to decorate our own doughnuts using all the lollies that they set up for us.

Krispy Kreme NZ VIP event auckland.jpg

We were spoilt for choice and I just ended up dumping all the lollies and chocolate onto my doughnuts. It was great fun.

I also learnt a few things about Krispy Kreme which I found interesting:

  • The store started back in 1930s and the original recipe was won through a poker game in New Orleans.
  • The first Krispy Kreme store was in North Carolina.
  • The Manukau store will make their doughnuts fresh every day. They don’t keep doughnuts overnight and they don’t freeze them so rest assured you’re getting them fresh.
  • They can make thousands of doughnuts a day. Around 4000 doughnuts per hour. That is crazy!
  • The Manukau store has generated around 150 jobs. I know when Krispy Kreme was first announced to be located in Manukau they did have some criticisms but what I liked learning is that they tried to hire locally and even recruited in the nearby Manukau Institute of Technology. They want to hire different people who have great and fun personalities. Their reasoning is that the kitchen is visible to the public and they want their staff to have fun and to enjoy what they do and people can see that when they come in the store.

Krispy Kreme astylecollector georgeats.jpg

I’ll end this post with a photo of Georgie (from Georgieats) and I clearly beaming with excitement. It was such a great event and I hope everyone enjoys Krispy Kreme as much as did.

As mentioned at the start, the store at 3 Ronwood Avenue, Manukau is open today, 28 February. You can grab doughnuts inside the store or in the convenience of your car as they also have a drive-through.

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