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The Sugar Club with L’OR Espresso

When the invitation to have breakfast at The Sugar Club landed in my inbox, I basically wanted to say yes straight away. I’ve been to The Sugar Club once and I know it’s such a great place to dine. I knew the event had something to do with coffee but I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in last week that it’s for the launch of L’OR Espresso.

L'OR coffee capsules The Sugar Club.jpg

L’OR Espresso is the latest aluminium coffee capsule to arrive in NZ supermarkets. I got a Nespresso machine for my birthday at the start of this year so I was so happy to discover L’OR. I love my Nespresso and I have stopped buying coffee during the week as I just make myself a cup and drink it on the way to work.

These capsules are Nespresso-compatible which is perfect for me AND they’re available at supermarkets! What’s even better is that the box retails for $8.49 for a pack of 10 capsules. This is amazing news for me because a box is much cheaper than the original Nespresso capsules and I don’t have to order it online or go to my nearest Nespresso store. It’s so convenient for me.

L'OR Espresso launch.jpg

The brand has 8 different blends varying in intensity. I tried two at the event itself and I liked them both. The packaging and the capsules are aesthetically pleasing.

L'OR coffee capsules.jpg

The event was styled so beautifully too that I felt so incredibly lucky to have been invited.

Here are a few more photos from the event:

The Sugar Club view.jpgWe were greeted with a cup of coffee and different tables showing the capsules.

The Sugar Club L'OR breakfast.jpg

We basically had the whole of The Sugar Club to ourselves that morning and there were two big long tables for our three-course meal.

The Sugar Club breakfast Auckland.jpg

We started off with Golden Croissants.

The Sugar Club golden croissants.jpg

Is this not the prettiest and fanciest croissant you’ve ever seen? It was decadent.

The Sugar Club Turkish Eggs.jpg

Next up was Turkish Eggs which had whipped yogurt, chilli butter, poached eggs and toast. This was really tasty and I enjoyed it a lot.

The Sugar Club miniature fritters.jpg

The last course was miniature blueberry and sweetcorn fritters with maple ice cream and candied pecans. This was an interesting dish because it was sweet and savoury. It was also confusing because it looked like pancakes but when you take a bite, it was savoury with the bacon in there. I definitely liked the maple ice cream and candied pecans though. They were great but I didn’t really know if I liked this dish or not. It wasn’t bad, it was just confusing to the palette.

The Sugar Club breakfast.jpg

Overall, it was an amazing breakfast and I was with good company too. The service, the view and the great coffee from L’OR made this whole experience amazing.

Auckland view.jpg

When you have a view like this, how can you complain?

L'OR Espresso launch Auckland.jpg

Towards the end of The Sugar Club, there was a room filled with more coffee capsules and it was an area where we can try the other blends.

L'OR Espresso.jpg

I tried the Sontuoso (Intensity 8) and Supremo (Intensity 10) and I liked them both but I preferred Supremo more which was surprising because I’m not usually a strong coffee-drinker.

L'OR Espresso outfit.jpg

I can’t remember what coffee blend this was because it was the third cup of coffee given to me during this breakfast and I couldn’t finish it. I had to go to work after the breakfast and I didn’t want to be buzzing.

In terms of my outfit, I wore this white Boohoo dress and Rubi heels.

L'OR Espresso goodie box.jpg

The fun didn’t end at the breakfast either. We were lucky to have been given a huge box when we were leaving. In the box had the beautiful espresso cups, a box of the Ristretto Intensity 11 blend, a coffee capsule stand with a random selection of the other blends.

I have tried the strongest blend which is Onyx Intensity 12 and I really like it. As I said before, I’m not usually a strong coffee drinker but maybe I’m slowly becoming one. Onyx wasn’t too overpowering especially when I added milk and sugar. I also like Ristretto which is the second most intense blend.

For $8.45 a box and a few of the blends are available in my nearest Countdown supermarket, I’m definitely sold on L’OR.  Even my sister tried one and she’s quite fussy with coffee because she works at a cafe and she liked the L’OR coffee that she made with my Nespresso machine at home. Clearly this is a winner.

If you’re wondering about recycling, the L’OR Espresso capsules are also recyclable through TerraCycle where they shred the capsules to separate the coffee ground from the aluminium and the aluminium is melted to make new products. I like that I can have a cheaper (but good) coffee guilt-free.

So for all of you that have a Nespresso machine and love it as much as I do, check your supermarkets for L’OR espresso capsules. I’ve tried a bunch of original Nespresso blends and for the price and convenience of L’OR espresso, I know I’d pick this instead.

Note: This isn’t a sponsored post but I am extremely grateful for being invited to the launch and wanted to share my thoughts and experience. I genuinely like the L’OR Espresso blends that I’ve tried so far and will always give you an honest opinion here on my blog.

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