The Pleated Skirt

The Pleated Skirt

I don’t wear skirts often but when I do, it’s likely to be pleated. This green pleated skirt has been a favourite of mine. I wanted to share the ways I wear it.

This is the second outfit Laura shot and I love how they turned out. She had this location in mind and we swapped between the driveway and the green wall.

First of all, this skirt is originally from Topshop but I got it from the opshop thanks to Lena. We went to the Designer Pop Up Sale during the NZ Fashion Weekend and they had a opshop stall inside. From memory I think it was the Mercy Hospice.

I saw this skirt but didn’t pick it up then I saw someone holding it who wanted to try it. I told Lena to look out for it while I go try a few things on in case the other person changed their mind. Luckily the other person did and Lena managed to grab it and handed it to me to try. It fit me and I had to get it. I think it was only $10.

Green pleated skirt.jpg

My favourite way to wear this skirt is paired with a T-shirt. I’ve paired it with a simple white tee as well which always works.

pleated skirt outfit.jpg

In this outfit, I have this Uniqlo x Marimekko spotted shirt. I got the shirt in the Philippines. The green spots match the skirt well and I like how it worked together. I actually wore this outfit for April’s Brunchclub but paired with flats as it rained that day.

green skirt and bomber jacket.jpg

Since winter is coming, I thought I could still wear this skirt paired with a jacket. This floral bomber jacket has some green details too it but I don’t have a close up photo of the print. I only had this outfit for a short time because I was too hot when we were shooting this. This floral bomber jacket is also opshopped/thrifted. This would also work well with ankle boots.

green skirt and pink sweater.jpg

Lastly, I love pink and thankfully pink and green go well together. I like this combination with the cropped pink sweater and metallic pink flats.

pink top and green skirt outfit

This skirt is so nice and in person it has this metallic sheen. Whenever I wear it, I get compliments. I love finding pieces that always make me feel great when I wear it. This skirt is definitely one of them.

Which outfit did you like best?

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