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My Bedroom Decor

Back in June, I shared my lounge decor when I finally finished updating the room. One weekend, I had a strong urge to re-do my bedroom. I’ve been wanting to change it up for quite some time but I was stuck on what I wanted it to be like. After getting rid of some old furniture and changing the layout of my room, I’m finally happy with it!

I posted it on my Instagram stories and I did get a few questions on where I bought some things so I’ve put it all in today’s blog post.

Here’s a quick overview of my bedroom now:

Bedroom Decor update.jpg

My room basically has three ‘areas’: the bed area, dressing area and desk area.

This is the bed area. My bed used to be on the other side of the wall but now it’s against the window.


I LOVE my bed. I got the bed and mattress brand new at this Asian furniture store in Wairau Park. My mattress is amazing and it’s so comfy. My duvet is from Sheridan and it’s one of my favourites. The white fluffy pillow was from Kmart and the gold rectangular  pillow is from Tilly@home (gifted by Farmers). The pink fluffy blanket at the end of my bed is the best and softest blanket ever. It’s from The Warehouse called the Teddy Fleece Blanket. I love it so much I have it in pink and blue. The cats love this blanket too.

Another thing I highly recommend is a silk pillowcase. I was kindly given one from an Avene event I went to and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s great for your hair, skin and you don’t get sleep lines. I love my SLIP silk pillowcase and it’s worth it.

kmart wall decor

Above my bed are these two things from Kmart. On the left is the DIY Letter Board. I didn’t want a cheesy motivational quote up on my wall so the best thing I thought of is ‘home is where the bra comes off’ haha. I hate wearing bras so that saying is so true as I immediately want to take my bra off the moment I get home.

The wall hanging on the right is the Woven Wall Hanging also from Kmart.

bedside table

My bedside table is from The Warehouse (Glacier bedside cabinet). Underneath are just a stack of books. On my bedside I have a touch lamp from Kmart, Gold crystal decor also from Kmart, a small candle, fake cactus and a Thankyou hand cream.

Towards the left of the bed area is what I consider the dressing area.

bedroom decor storage.jpg

This is the view from my bed. My closet is on the right. The dresser was from Target Furniture and it was previously my sister’s. The cube shelf (Madrid 9 cube) and inserts were from The Warehouse.

bedroom accessories.jpg

Above the cube shelf I have my sunglasses and perfumes on display. My sunglasses stand was from Aliexpress. I’ve had a few questions about it and it’s super cheap. I like having it on display so I can easily choose which one I’d like to wear. The tray with my perfumes was from Kmart along with the single vase.

bedroom dresser 1.jpg

Above my dresser is a mixture of beauty and accessories. The clear drawer was from Onceit and it has all my jewellery. The lipstick holders were from Aliexpress as well and I’ve had it for ages.

wall art.jpg

Up on the wall are a bunch of art/prints. The larger floral prints were from IKEA, the women illustrations were from Victoria Market when we went to Melbourne. The rest were printed from Pinterest just to fill the space. There are also random KIKKI K quote/affirmation cards. I like staring at this wall. I want it to be a source of creativity and inspiration.

As much as I wanted to get the individual prints framed, I would’ve needed a lot of the 3M wall strips (these aren’t cheap) and I didn’t want to damage the wall too much just in case I keep changing it so I opted to put the prints up using washi tape. So far they’ve stayed up and I can easily move them around too.

The last area of my bedroom is the desk/makeup area.

desk area

This is the view from my bed. A few months ago I finally bought the infamous IKEA Alex drawers and it’s so worth it. Half of it stores my makeup and half are random miscellaneous stuff. The desk is the Scandi desk from Kmart. This is new as my old desk was way too big for the space.

desk and shelf

The shelf on the right is also new and it’s the Valencia storage shelf. I liked it because you can buy the additional drawer inserts to customise the shelf. It is pretty cheap but be mindful it isn’t the strongest shelf.

Above the shelf is a pink letter board, peg board and reed diffuser from Kmart, some fake cacti and candles. I wanted to keep this area clear as day to day, that’s where I’d put my keys, earphones or HOP card when I get home from work.

desk space.jpg

My desk area is half used for when I work from home or blog and mostly where I do my makeup and get ready everyday.

bedroom desk area decor.jpg

Above the IKEA Alex drawer is my favourite corner in my room. The Perfectionist print was actually a tea towel from a food event I went to. We took a quiz and of course I got the ‘perfectionist’ haha. The plant, candle and lamp were from Kmart. I wish I can have real plants in my room but unfortunately they don’t thrive in here.

photo wall.jpg

Up on the wall above the desk is a weekly wall planner from Kmart. I also put up some photos. Back when I lived with my parents, I used to cover my walls with photos. I had a full on photo wall. I’ve scaled it back now so I don’t have as much but I like having photos for memories.

bedroom desk area.jpg

To the right of my desk is the makeup area where I have a mirror and a rotating shelf which holds my every day skincare and makeup. I got it from Onceit and it’s so handy to have.

kmart rug.jpg

The latest addition to my room is this tufted rug from Kmart. I couldn’t find it in store but thankfully Kmart now has click and collect from their website which is amazing and it saves me from going around in store and picking up other things I don’t actually need.

I know my room has a lot of stuff but I have decluttered so much already over the past few months. The things I’ve kept I really like. As much as I want to be a minimalist, I don’t think I can do it. My family has hoarder tendencies! Haha. For now, this works for me and I come home and love being in this space.

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