lounge decor update

Lounge Decor Update

It’s been two years since I posted about my lounge decor and it has changed so much from that old blog post. I’m finally at a point where I am so happy with my lounge and I’m excited to share it.

I’ll go through the changes in detail so if you want to know more, continue down below.

Let’s start with my favourite part of the lounge:

home decor shelf

I absolutely love this area. Looking at this makes me so happy and it’s basically what you see when you open the front door. There are two shelves I’ve put side by side and they’re the Scandi Ladder Bookshelf from Kmart. They were only $29 each which was so affordable and it looks great. The grey storage boxes on the bottom shelf are also from Kmart called the design tub with lid.

lounge decor shelf.jpg

The reason why I love this area is because of my plants. It was only this year when I’ve started having real plants in my house. I love the greenery and they bring me joy.

shelf lounge home decor plants

This is the left shelf and on the top shelf I have a maidenhair fern from the Warehouse, oil burner, a lucky bamboo plant my mum gave me and some succulents from dad.  On the second shelf are mostly cookbooks and the test tube vase I DIY’ed from this old blog post.

On the bottom shelf are more books, some I haven’t read yet. If I can recommend one book from this pile, it will have to be Becoming by Michelle Obama. I loved her book and she’s so inspiring. The Big Ben miniature puzzle thing on the right is my sister’s. She loves assembling stuff like that.

shelf lounge home decor.jpg

This is the right shelf and probably my favourite one because of the plants. I’m not good at plant names but the left one was given by my mum and the right was from Bunnings called aralia. The cactus is actually fake and my sister got it from this home decor store that was closing down. The white deer container/box is where I put cat treats so they’re easily accessible.

All the books on the second shelf are opshopped. I love vintage books. I want a whole shelf of them. The Series of Unfortunate Events are my sister’s and were also opshopped.

The white container on the left of the third shelf is from Kmart. It has our tea light candles and wax melts. The books on the right are mostly coffee table books. Four of them are about cats. Quake Cats is such a touching book. I got it at an opshop and it features cats who survived the Christchurch earthquake and their stories. The small book on top is We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and it’s a must read. It’s short but punchy.

lounge home decor

I can just stare at this area for ages. I love it so much. The straw hat on the hook was kindly sent to me by Avene and it’s from Lack of Colour.

papierhq hearts print.jpg

The print above the shelves is from PapierHQ. It’s called the Heart Stamp print. I bought it when PapierHQ was donating 100% of the sales to the Christchurch victims. I thought this was a good way to support and it’s a reminder.

couch lounge decor.jpg

The biggest piece of furniture in the lounge is the couch and it was also the reason why I re-decorated. I HATED my old couch. At first it was okay then the past 2 years it just annoyed me how big and bulky it was. It dominated the whole lounge and the cats also destroyed it.

The couch is the Luca Billy 2-seater with chaise couch from Farmers. They currently don’t have this light grey fabric on the website anymore but they have it in dark grey and duck egg colour. We got it on sale so it was half price then the guy gave us an even better deal. I am so happy with this couch. It fits the space a lot better, it’s comfy and looks so much nicer. In reality though the couch is covered in blankets to protect it from the cats. It’s too nice to be ruined by them.

The cushions were from The Warehouse. The nesting coffee table was from Kmart and it was in my old blog post too. The lamp was also from The Warehouse but I don’t really recommend it as it’s flimsy and wonky. The basket with extra blankets and faux fur rug were from Kmart.

dining home decor.jpg

To the left of the couch is the dining area. The table is the same from my last post. It was a Trademe find. The chairs are different and we got them at a random furniture store who had a big closing down sale. I’ve always wanted a ghost/clear chair but I cannot for out on a Philippe Starck one.

lounge decor bar cart

Behind the dining table is my bar cart and cat litter box. As you can see, my bar cart is pretty full right now and I have Sacred Hill to thank for that. I love them.

The cat litter box/cabinet thing was from Kmart. They don’t have it on the website anymore but it’s great at hiding the litter box. My cats do go outside but I keep them in at night so just to be sure I have a litter box for them.

kmart bar cart lounge decor.jpg

Above it is a fake cactus I got for $7 at Kmart, fake tulips and globe from The Warehouse. As much as I’d like to have real plants here I don’t think it will survive. This corner doesn’t get much sun.

lounge decor tv unit.jpg

In front of the couch is the TV. The TV unit is the same one from my old blog post. It was from Trademe. It’s a good sturdy one so I didn’t feel the need to replace it. I did upgrade my TV to a bigger one. It was from The Warehouse and so far it’s been good. I didn’t want to spend too much money on a TV.

The tall plant behind the TV is a fake plant from Kmart. No real plant will survive being behind there but I wanted a tall enough plant for decoration. I wish I can have some hanging plants but I can’t.

kmart bench lounge decor.jpg

The simplest area in the lounge is this one which is by the front door. I have this Kmart bench and shoe rack that has all New Balance shoes. On the right is my sad looking money tree. It’s grown but the leaves have mostly fallen out so I don’t know what to do with it. The wall hanging was from Spotlight.

lounge decor.jpg

That is it for my lounge update! I have a small space but it is enough for me. I love my house due to its location, the neighbourhood and this lounge gets so much sun during the day. It was getting dark when I took the photo above but on a good day my lounge is so bright.

This is definitely the best my lounge has ever looked and I’m pretty much finished with it. I don’t think I want to change anything at this point. The space works well for us and we spend most of our time chilling here.

I hope you enjoyed this update. I love this area so much so I wanted to share it. I’ve done it on a budget (if you can’t tell from the abundance of Kmart and Warehouse items) but I think it turned out great so it goes to show you don’t really have to spend to much when decorating.

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