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OOTD: Stockings & Tights

My #1 go-to winter fashion essential is a pair of tights. I wear tights basically every single day especially to work. I rarely wear pants or jeans any more because I can easily wear ankle boots with it. I feel more dressed up in tights and it’s so versatile too.

So when I was approached by Hosiery.co.nz, to feature two of their products, I gladly accepted because I wear them a lot. I was sent through the Ambra 50 Denier Opaque Stay-Up stockings and the Columbine 50 Denier Soft Opaque tights.

With the help of my sister, we have come up with 4 outfits that we would wear with them.

See below for each outfit details.

Outfit 1

ootd outfit lookbook stockings boohoo boots stay-ups stockings.co.nzI really like this first outfit. I bought this sweater because of its length so I could wear it with tights or leggings. Yes, it is short but it still covers everything and only shows a bit of skin. These stay-ups with a lace trim is sexier than your usual tights but still quite wearable. It does stay on on too and the material is just so soft and smooth! It was nice trying this on for the first time.

By the way, those boots look pretty rugged now because I wear them every day to work. I got them on sale from Cotton On and they’re so comfy! Due to the cut-outs on the ankles, they’re better paired with tights. Hence why tights and these boots are current my work uniform.

Outfit 2

ootd outfit lookbook stockings boohoo boots tights stockings.co.nz skortPlain black tights are much easier to wear as they can be paired with pretty much anything. If I’m in a lazy mood, I’ll just chuck a dress over it but because plain black tights are so versatile, you can wear them with skirts, shorts or skorts! You can get away with wearing your summer clothes by adding tights to keep your legs warm.

The crop top is another piece from my Boohoo haul and I know this is going to be a favourite this winter.

Outfit 3

ootd outfit lookbook stockings boots stay-ups stockings.co.nz thrifted opshoppedThis third outfit is probably the one I would wear the most. I love this opshopped sweater and wore it to death last year. The chiffon shirt is attached to it and it’s perfect for tights because it has a longer back. The stay-ups are at the right height on the thighs so you only get a subtle peek of the skin.

Outfit 4

ootd outfit lookbook stockings boots tights stockings.co.nz cardiganThis is the most casual outfit of the bunch but it’s the warmest. This cardigan brings this plain black outfit to life with its pattern and colour. I love this cardigan so much because it’s super warm and you can wrap yourself with it like a blanket. It’s perfect for lazy days.

Again, this look can be dressed up or down depending on accessories. The pair of grey boots from Kmart also adds something to the outfit and breaks up all the black.

ootd outfit lookbook stockings boots tights stockings.co.nz cardigan

Thrifted Zara lace top | Thrifted skirt | Mirrou blanket cardigan | Kmart boots | Columbine Soft Opaque Tights

If you’re wondering what stockings & tights are in this post, they look like these:

tights stockings haul stockings.co.nzSince I wear tights almost every day, I do have a lot of pairs. I’ve bought a few cheap ones from the Warehouse and Kmart but when I tried these on, I could tell that they’re better quality. They both feel so good and smooth. My sister said the same when she had them on for the photos and she liked the stay-ups. The Columbine Soft Opaques are only $12.99 which is fairly cheap. The Ambra Opaque Stay-ups cost more at $18.99 but if you’re after something different, they’re nice. I wouldn’t pick them up otherwise but now I know I have things in my closet that I could casually wear it with.

If you’re after some tights, stockings or leggings this winter, check out Stockings.co.nz. They also have a Facebook page which you can check out here to be updated with their current stock and sales.

That’s it for today’s post. I hope you like this OOTD. I really love putting outfits together and I’ve been doing OOTD posts since I started blogging years ago. Tights were so easy to pair with and the stay-ups were more challenging so it was great to shop my wardrobe to find good outfits we would actually wear out.

This post was made possible by Stockings.co.nz. The stockings and tights were sent to me but all the clothes, shoes and accessories are mine. I was sponsored for my time, writing and editing but my opinions are my own.

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11 thoughts on “OOTD: Stockings & Tights

  1. Hollie says:

    fab post and i love all your outfits. I also love wearing tights and stockings however i always find that stay ups dont always stay up lol but i love them all the same x

    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      Hi Katey, thank you so much for nominating me! This is so great. I’ll have a look at the questions properly sometime this week when I have more time. 🙂 Thanks for picking me to be a part of this!

      P.S. Those black boots in the 2nd photo are from The Warehouse are currently on sale. I wore them today and got compliments. They’re a good pair and such a good price too.

      Liked by 1 person

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