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Jack Tar

It was a dreary Saturday morning but some of us bloggers braved the rain and cold to go to this month’s #Brunchclub at Jack Tar. Jack Tar is in Wynyward Quarter close to the Viaduct Events Centre and Silo Park. I’ve been to a few places in Wynyard Quarter but I haven’t been to this restaurant yet.

auckland jack tar restaurant food brunch coffeeI actually didn’t expect the rustic decor inside. The place is spacious and it had nice little details.

auckland jack tar restaurant food brunch coffeeThe ceilings were quite high with exposed beams. I like it.

auckland jack tar restaurant food brunch coffeeWe were quite a large group so we were split into two tables. I wish we weren’t because I wasn’t able to talk to the bloggers on the other table that I wanted to meet. However, it was difficult to switch around like we did at LOOP.

The menu looked pretty good though and the service was nice and quick. We were close to the kitchen too so I was looking at the food coming out from there.

auckland jack tar restaurant food brunch coffee french toastI got the French Toast. I wish I didn’t get this because the other dishes looked so much better. It was also the least good looking dish. It came with a side of strawberries but to me it was okay. There was so much that I couldn’t finish it al.

auckland jack tar restaurant food brunch coffee burgerThis is what I wish I ordered. This Bacon and Egg Burger looked better. It was massive and also came with hash browns.

auckland jack tar restaurant food brunch coffeeThis was Genie’s (from Bunny Eats Design) Eggs Florentine. It looked pretty.

Overall, I had a great time. My food expectations were high though and I think it’s because last month’s #brunchclub at LOOP was excellent. This place was alright and I wouldn’t mind going back there again but I will try a different dish. The service was pretty good though considering we were such a big group.

As for the bloggers, I was so glad I was able to meet new people! I sat in front of Ellen and Tara from Shop Style Conquer which I was happy about because I love their blog and Youtube channel.

I was also able to meet these awesome people:

I hope to meet more in the future. I still got a bit nervous as it’s only my second time going to a #brunchclub event but my experience so far has been great. I look forward to the next ones.

Speaking of food, I recently joined Zomato to review all the food places I’ve been to. Although I’m not specifically a food blogger, I am a big foodie and I love trying new places. If you’re not on Zomato yet, get on it! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Jack Tar

  1. Jules says:

    😀 It was lovely to meet you too!
    I remember sitting down and automatically thinking ‘uhhh I like her necklace!’ haha
    Hope I see you again in another meetup!


    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      Thank you! I hope to see you in future meetups too. Unfortunately I won’t be there for this month’s but I hope to make it in August.

      Btw, good luck for Dry July! I remember you talking about it whether you should do it or not. I hope you’re coping well! 🙂


  2. lennielaw says:

    Oh hey girl! It was fab to meet you for the first time and I’m happy we’ve bumped into each other again 🙂 I didn’t look too much at the ceiling but you have given me appreciation for it haha!

    Liked by 1 person

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