2015 highlights

Highlights of 2015

I do a monthly highlights post here on the blog which is a look back on the great things that has happened in my life. This time, I looked back on the year just passed.

2015 was not the best year if I have to be quite honest. It was an emotional rollercoaster ride with plenty of ups and downs. I’m not going to dwell on the bad and will focus on the positives instead.

If you want to see the best parts of last year, continue below.

I have to start with this…

1. My blog

a style collector business cards

I started A Style Collector back in 2015 and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done in the last year. I’ve been blogging for a few years in a different platform and it was only in 2015 that I decided to properly blog and let the world know about it.

I have enjoyed blogging for almost a year here and I thank you all if you’ve read my blog, liked and commented my blog posts. Getting any feedback or comments means a lot to me. This was a creative outlet of mine and it has evolved to something more.

It has opened opportunities for me too such as my next point.

2. New Zealand Fashion Week

nzfw ruby nz fashion show runway clothing

Because of this blog, I was able to go to NZ Fashion Week for the very first time. I was a blogger for the NZFW Backstage Blog. I was able to see what’s it is like behind the scenes of fashion week, interview designers, makeup artists and hair stylists and watched shows.

I blogged about my experience and shows I watched over here. Watching the RUBY show was one of my NZFW highlights but the whole thing was a great experience.

3. Melbourne Trip

melbourne central travel the dome

I went to Melbourne in August with my partner and it was our first overseas trip together and my first time in Australia besides being in the airport for a layover. I loved that city so much. The shopping, the food and the buildings were great. I loved the architecture in Melbourne and they have better shops (hello Zara, H&M, Uniqlo and MUJI) too.

I blogged about my Melbourne travel here: Part 1 and Part 2. I also did a few hauls as I did a bit of damage there: Shoe haul, Beauty haul and Jewellery haul. I was meant to do a fashion haul but I actually only bought 3 clothing items while I was there which were Target jeans, Zara dress, an H&M top and bras from Uniqlo.

4. Meeting other bloggers

I bit the bullet and attended a few blogging events/meetups. I’m quite a shy person so going out and trying to be social was a big thing for me but I loved meeting other bloggers as everyone is really nice!

I went to my first #brunchclub at LOOP dining, Cocktailclub at The Glass Goose and other brunchclubs at Jack Tar and Al’s Deli. I thank NZBloggers for organising great events and chats that helped me meet awesome people.

I was able to meet other bloggers and foodies through Zomato too as I went to a few foodie meetups.

5. Watched live shows

I watched a mixture of concerts, musicals and other shows last year.

2015 highlights shows musical concerts

For concerts, I watched Passenger for the first time and he was amazing live. I watched my favourite band The Script again and this time I was in front row and touched Danny and Mark. Danny sang right in front of me and I would never forget it. I was also able to watch the pianist Ludovico Einaudi which was beautiful.

As for musicals, I watched Singin’ in the Rain and CATS. I enjoyed Singin’ in the Rain but CATS was not my cup of tea. I also watched Disney on Ice which always entertaining and on the other end of that, Le Noir Cirque which was deemed the ‘Dark side of Cirque de Soleil’.The stunts were mind-blowing and I loved it.

6. Where I live

I moved out of my parents home towards the end of 2014 but it was last year that I thoroughly enjoyed where I live in Auckland. Our location is pretty great since it’s close to the beach, shops and it’s not a long bus trip to my work either.

auckland nz takapuna beach summer

I love Auckland and although the weather can be all over the place, this is where I call home. We’ve been to a lot of walks around our area, along the beaches and close-by suburbs too. My partner usually drags/forces me to go for a walk because I’m lazy but I do enjoy them especially when the view is great.

7. December break

Last but definitely not the least is my break last month. I was off work and during Christmas, we went away to the country side where I barely got reception and 4G so I was pretty much offline. It was a break I needed and I highly enjoyed the hammock.

nature new zealand view trees hammockIt was calming and I wish I have a hammock I can read a book and have afternoon naps on.

There were a few more but the ones above are my big ones. I have special mention to meeting Karen Walker and getting featured on Beauty Review too.

As for my blog achievements, I had a goal of reaching 22,000 views on my blog before 2015 ended. I reached that which was amazing. I also reached 1000 followers on Instagram.

Looking back on my stats, my Top 5 blog posts in 2015 were:

I guess lipstick swatches are really popular!

From Instagram, my top 9 or most liked posts were:

2015 top instagram photos astylecollector

Over on Insta, Kmart and beauty are the biggest things.

I hope you liked this overview of 2015 for me. We’re halfway through January and so far it’s been great. I hope it continues because I want 2016 to be a better one.

I’m not one to make any new year’s resolutions but this year, I will try to make it the best one so far. I hope you’re all having a great day and thank you for stopping by my blog today.

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