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Topshop Beauty Haul

I have professed my love for Topshop Beauty products before. I’ve featured some in my monthly favourites and I think they will continue to be there. I truly love their cosmetics line.

I couldn’t resist adding to my collection and here are the latest additions.

topshop beauty cosmetics makeup haul blush liplinerI got a cream blush and two lip liners. I’m a fan of Topshop packaging. It does get dirty a lot easier though but the packaging is cute.

topshop beauty cosmetics makeup blush aortaStarting off with the blush, I got Aorta. This is a cream blush same as Head Over Heels which I love. I thought I’d try a different shade because I really like the formula.

topshop beauty cosmetics makeup blush aorta swatchAorta is a dark pink/mauve shade, It looks dark on the pan but when swatched, it is beautiful. It looks natural and subtle on the skin which makes this a winner for me. I absolutely love this. Cream blushes last longer too.

topshop beauty cosmetics makeup swatch makeup liplinersFor the lip liners, I got Deception and Bee Stung. I have one lip liner from Topshop already so I already know I’m going to like these.

topshop beauty cosmetics makeup swatchThese are the two shades when swatched. Bee Stung is a nude colour while Deception is a dark red shade.

I haven’t been disappointed with the Topshop Beauty products I’ve tried so far. I swear their makeup is great especially if you’re on a budget. I think their makeup can be compared to actual cosmetic brands.

I’m a big fan, if you can’t already tell. If you’ve tried their makeup before, let me know what you think. I am planning on posting my whole Topshop Beauty collection in a Brand Focus series I want to do here in my blog so stay tuned for that. If you want to know a sneak peak, check this photo out.

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One thought on “Topshop Beauty Haul

  1. Maggie says:

    Oh, I actually got a dark eyeshadow once but unfortunately I don’t eyeshadows often (if at all) so that was a shame.. still have it and actually didn’t know it was a big of a deal back then!

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