stellar matariki auckland lights art

Matariki Festival: Stellar

I found about this event today and I’m glad I decided to check it out. If you are interested in seeing some pretty light installations, head over to the North Shore because Stellar is on.

Stellar: Bright Ideas is for the Matariki Festival and it runs until Sunday night. There are seven light installations celebrating the arrival of Matariki (Seven Sisters) constellation in the winter night sky.

To see more of the photos I took, click below.

stellar matariki auckland lights artStellar is at Smales Farm, Takapuna. It is on from 6pm – 11pm. Keep in mind that it is absolutely freezing outside though so dress for warmth! My hands were freezing trying to take photos.

stellar matariki auckland lights artThis was the first we looked at as half the tree was lit up.

stellar matariki auckland lights artThis is called The Field. It was pretty cool because the posts are mirrors. It was hard to photograph though.

stellar matariki auckland lights artThis was in the middle of the fountain and I love the light reflecting on the water. It is called Triangular Chaos.

stellar matariki auckland lights artSo many pretty lights. This is called Trees of Light.

stellar matariki auckland lights artThis was my favourite. It moves in the wind too and up close they look like grapes or molecules. This was so pretty. This is the Digital Wattle.

I didn’t have photos of Fragments, Shroud and Array installations in my slr as it got too cold.

Here are some photos from my phone:

stellar matariki auckland lights artstellar matariki auckland lights artstellar matariki auckland lights art

The events page said there will be some food stalls but when we went tonight there were only popcorn, coffee truck and churros. We wanted to get hot drinks but unfortunately the coffee truck ran out of milk so we opted for churros instead.

lights stellar matariki churrosMaybe on Saturday and Sunday night it will have more food available but it’s better than nothing. If you’re in the area, I recommend checking it out. I wish it wasn’t that cold because I couldn’t concentrate and we didn’t stay for too long.

I also wish there were maps/signs leading to the next installations but overall I enjoyed this free event. We sat by the tree and ate our churros. I was surprised a lot of people especially children were out tonight too. There were beanbags by the tree and some of the installations so you can chill with friends (literally too because it is so cold!).

I realised this also fits this week’s #BlogGreatness theme Matariki. If you want to see the other posts, click over here.

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