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Thrifted Strappy Dress

This is a late outfit post but I wore it to a friend’s 21st birthday party back in May. I forgot I took outfit shots of it. The reason why I still wanted to share this is because this dress was thrifted/opshopped and it was $4.50.

This strappy blue dress is from Lipsy but I got it from Recycle Boutique in their $4.50 sale rack. I have included it in this thrift haul too.

See below for more photos.

otd outfit thrifted dress wedgesThis dress is not something I’d usually pick out but I was drawn to the colour and it was so cheap!

otd outfit thrifted dress wedgesOne of the things I love about thrifting/opshopping is that it makes me want to try different styles and be able to experiment with fashion more because it’s affordable. If I don’t end up wearing a thrifted item, I wouldn’t feel as guilty because I didn’t pay as much for it. It’s also good for one-off outfits but I know I’ll get a few wears out of this dress.

otd outfit thrifted dress belt karen walkerI also liked how this dress has a 90s neckline which is quite in style at the moment. I wore my Karen Walker Critter waist belt with it to break up the colour.

otd outfit thrifted dress backAnd then the back is just the thin straps. I love backless dresses. The front is simple and quite covered but the back is revealing without being too much.

otd outfit thrifted dress ringsI kept the jewellery simple too with just a few gold rings to match the belt.

otd outfit thrifted dress wedgesLipsy thrifted dress | Karen Walker belt | The Warehouse wedges

The shoes I wore are my trusted pair of wedges. I’ve had the wedges for a few years now and it is so comfortable it has become my go-to pair. I wore it for my University graduation where I’ve lasted all day doing the march and going up on stage, wore this to concerts to give me added height and parties. It’s still in good condition after all this time.

I really liked this whole outfit and even though it was cold, I just wore a coat over it and you wouldn’t be able to tell me back was completely open. I like having the surprise back detail.

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What a mad rush to get ready for tonight!

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I also really liked the makeup I did that night. I didn’t do anything crazy with the eyes except for winged liner but I went for a bright pink lipstick. I wore the Riri hearts MAC lipstick in Pleasure Bomb with Rimmel Apocalips Apocaliptic on top.

I hope you like this outfit post. Leave me any comments below of your favourite bargain find as this dress is definitely one of the cheapest clothing items I’ve bought from the opshop. I’d love to know yours.

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7 thoughts on “Thrifted Strappy Dress

      • lennielaw says:

        I bought 2 new skirts from there over the weekend but one of them was like 10x the price of your dress haha! I’m never too lucky $$ wise but I tend to find ideal pieces that I can’t pass haha

        Liked by 1 person

        • astylecollector says:

          Their sale rack comes out every Wednesday or Thursday (I think) and I sometimes get lucky finding stuff there. Otherwise, I do buy their clothes. They’re the most expensive “op shop” out there but they only carry brands too. I usually spend more there than I usually would in any other op shops but some of their pieces are awesome though and as you said, hard to pass up! 🙂


    • astylecollector says:

      It’s the only place I can take outfit photos. I’m glad it’s a pretty basic background colour though. I can’t have outfit shots in cool places as no on will take my photos! 😐
      Thanks! I’m not into showy dresses but I like backless ones. 🙂


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