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NZFW: Frances Jerard

The first show I did for the NZ Fashion Week Backstage Blog is Frances Jerard. I was quite nervous because it was my first show and I was a bit shy approaching the head hairstylist, makeup artist and the designer but I managed to do all three in the end.

See below for hair, makeup and photos from the runway of the Frances Jerard Be Brave Collection.

nzfw frances jerard fashion week nzThe hair is the first step in the show preparation. I talked to head stylist Katie Grigg and she went through the inspiration which is feminine and natural. She created a crown of braids for a pretty up-do.

nzfw frances jerard fashion week nz mac cosmeticsClaire Randall of the Kristen Stewart School of Makeup was the head makeup artist for this show and M.A.C. products were used all over the face. The face as seen in my first photo is quite natural and glowy with bright lips. The face chart below shows what products were used to create the look.

nzfw frances gerard fashion weekBefore the show started, I managed to talk to the designer Wendy Jerard and she mentioned that she didn’t have a specific inspiration but was driven by her desire to create beautiful clothes.

nzfw frances gerard fashion weekThis was the first show of the day and after the Stolen Girlfriends Club show the night before, the attendance wasn’t great. Spot Colin Mathura-Jeffree on the other side of the front row though. I spotted famous Kiwi Blogger/Writer Isaac Hindin-Miller too.

I nabbed a seat in front row too but I only took photos from my phone so I apologise for the quality of these runway photos.

nzfw frances gerard fashion weekThe clothes in the collection are not exactly my style. It’s a mish-mash of stripes, lace, silk and bright fabrics. There were wearable pieces in the collection and there were also over-the-top ones that I don’t know how it can be worn off the runway.

nzfw frances gerard fashion weekThere were a few good pieces in the collection though. I love these lacy co-ords.

nzfw frances gerard fashion weekThe white one on the left is my favourite in the whole collection. It looked great great on the model and the red shoes and lips were a good pop of colour.

nzfw frances gerard fashion weekThis was the final walk, as you can see, there was a mixture of prints, fabrics and patterns in the collection. I was a bit confused at the end but it was refreshing to see a collection full of colour. The other shows I’ve read about this week shied away from that. 

nzfw frances gerard fashion weekOverall, I still enjoyed my first show at NZFW. I was just glad to be there and finally experience what it’s like. Writing for the NZFW Backstage Blog was daunting at first because I was hesitant coming up to people when I know they’re busy preparing for the show. They’ve all been quite nice about it though.

Before I finish off, just after I sent my written piece through, I realised that I have misspelt the designer name as Francis Jerard. However, it wasn’t solely my mistake because the name was given to me like that, the NZFW printouts, magazines at the event and even the M.A.C. face chart had the spelling as Francis and not Frances. We seemed to have been told the wrong name from the start.

That’s all I have for my first designer show at NZFW. I have Miromoda, Ivy Blu and RUBY coming up soon too.

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