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Topshop Beaded Dress OOTD

Today is my birthday and I thought I’d put up my favourite type of post which is an outfit post. I haven’t posted one in a while too.

This outfit is what I wore 2 weeks ago when I went to my boyfriend’s work party. I’ve kept this in my closet for quite some time and I finally had the right occasion to wear it.

The dress is beaded and covers up in the front but it has a surprise at the back. Continue below to see the full outfit details.

topshop dress karen walker sunglasses ootdAs I’ve mentioned before, this dress is from Topshop. I got it a year ago from The Department store sale. It was priced at $320 and I got it for $80. It was an extremely good bargain at 75% off. I couldn’t resist picking it up for that price.

topshop beaded dress ootdThis Topshop dress is called the embroidered organza shift dress. The front is quite simple style as everything is covered up and I like that it has sleeves.

topshop beaded dress back ootdThe back has a nice surprise though because it’s all open. I’m always attracted to clothing with open backs or that have an interesting back detail.

topshop beaded sequined dress ootdThe embroidered and beaded detail of the dress is also beautiful. There is the sheer fabric on the shoulders which continues on at the back.

beaded topshop dress outfit jewellery ringsThe bottom has the same embroidery and beaded detail. So far, I haven’t had any problems with the beads or sequins falling out so this was made pretty well.

Since the dress is detailed and busy already, I opted for simple jewellery. I’m wearing the Lovisa ring I got from Melbourne and a pearl bracelet I got as a gift from my boyfriend’s mum a few years ago.

ootd topshop beaded dress heelsMy white heels are from Kmart which I’ve featured in this Kmart haul. My sunglasses are my favourite Karen Walker Number One.

As I mentioned previously, I wore this exact outfit for a work party. This is what I looked like on the night:

My sister is also wearing Kmart heels and Valleygirl top and skirt. Her necklace is actually mine which I got from Equip a while back.

topshop dress ootd motd makeup of the dayI loved what I did with my makeup that night too. The photo above is from my phone so excuse the quality but it also has no filter. I used the Bourjois Air Mat foundation which I’m currently loving.

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. I don’t really have much plans for my birthday but if I had to dress up somewhere fancy, this is a dress I’d consider wearing too.

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5 thoughts on “Topshop Beaded Dress OOTD

  1. Hollie says:

    oh wow,you look fabulous! I love your dress and your shoes,they are beautiful hunni and i hope you had a lovely birthday! Belated Happy Birthday lovely xoxo


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