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What I got for Christmas 2015

This is my first Christmas on the blog and I thought I’d share some of the things I received this year.

I don’t know about you but I love watching What I got for Christmas videos on Youtube or reading blog posts about them. Maybe it’s the nosy side of me but I enjoy them and it’s interesting to me seeing what people got. It’s similar to hauls which I love too.

If you like this kind of post, then continue below.

I’ll start off with my Secret Santa present from work:

lush bath bomb rose jam shower gelI  was quite surprised to see Lush from my Secret Santa because we had a limit of $5. I got a bath bomb and the Rose Jam shower gel.

My feature photo above has the decorative letters A, &, and L which my boyfriend and I received along with the candle below.typo candle christmas 2015This is the Light Up The Night vanilla scented candle from Typo. This smells great and I love the packaging because it’s quite unisex. Most of my candles look girly but since this is a present for our house, this is something the boyfriend can enjoy too.

My mum also gave me more home scents.

aromatherapy co candle diffuserThese two are from The Aromatherapy Co. They’re both from the Coastal range. The diffuser is the Jasmine and Vanilla. The soy candle is Gardenia and Citrus. I haven’t lit the candle yet but it smells so good. You can smell it even with the lid on so I’m excited to burn it.

From my sister, I got these:

hask almond oil shampoo conditionerI got the HASK shampoo and conditioner for my birthday this year and I loved it but I haven’t repurchased since because it’s not that cheap. I’ve been wanting another set so my sister got it for me instead. I’m looking forward to these!

kikki k 2016 diaryShe also got me a Kikki.K 2016 diary which I love. This is the perfect size. The one I bought this year is slightly too small for my liking but I don’t want an A4 one either. This is great and I’m excited to use it.

What I got from the boyfriend was a nice surprise and it was beautifully packaged:

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Merry Christmas to me from the boyfriend. 😍

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First of all, I’m always happy to see The Department Store paper bags any day.

the department store bags

Then what’s inside were these beautiful Karen Walker Home items.

I got a set of four Karen Walker Home mugs and saucers with the runaway girl,critter and polka dot designs. I’ve been eyeing these for so long but I didn’t want to get them myself. I love the gold and white.

I think it’s become a yearly tradition to get something from Karen Walker for me now and I’m not gonna complain. I just love this brand so much and the boyf did well!

door mat christmas giftSince moving in together, getting gifts for the house is always nice. It benefits me more than the boyfriend but his aunt and uncle gave us this cute watermelon outdoor mat. This is perfect for summer! I love it.

I thought I’d include the goodies I got from Sophie (Nana Wintour). She had a blog giveaway to celebrate 4 years and I won one of them. It was such a nice surprise.

nanawintour giveaway antipodes mac cosmetics.jpgThe giveaway goodies had the MAC Dazzleglass in Dress to Dazzle, Antipodes Moisture Boost Minis with the face oil and day cream and it also came with a voucher so I can shop at makeup.co.nz. If you’re reading this Sophie, thank you so much!

There were a few other things I didn’t get to take a photo of but I’m thankful for all of them. As a disclaimer (like every single one of these type of posts/videos), I’m not trying to brag but I know I’m not the only one that enjoys these kinds of posts so I hope you didn’t mind this little Christmas haul of mine.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas this year whether you received presents or not. I spent mine in the country side and it was the first time for me opening gifts at 7:30am on Christmas morning. The Filipino tradition is to stay up on Christmas Eve and open presents when the clock strikes 12 then we basically sleep and not do much on actual Christmas day. This year was slightly different and it was a nice change.

I’ll end it here before I waffle on. Please let me know if you liked this post and maybe I’ll continue doing it next year too.

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  1. Styled2z says:

    I love watching what other people buy and knowing what they think about products. It helps me when shopping. So what I am saying is thanks for this because it helps me.

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