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Savemart Thrift Haul

In the weeks leading up to NZ Fashion Week, I was struggling to find outfits to wear so to solve my outfit situation, I hit up Savemart, one of my top places to go thrifting/opshopping. Savemart can be hit or miss but my last trip was definitely a win because I found some great things.

If you want to see my full haul, continue down below.

I didn’t go too crazy at Savemart this time and I mainly looked at dresses because I couldn’t be bothered trying on pants and all I’ve been wearing for the past few months especially at work are dresses with tights and boots.

pleated dress

The first one that caught my eye is this pleated dress. I love the contrast of colours and I find it quite flattering due to the vertical lines from the pleats. This is a great dress to wear for work too. This dress was $9.99 and it definitely looks more expensive than that.

floral dress

This second dress above was harder to photograph because it was wrinkly when I got home. It’s a chiffony material with sheer sleeves. I love the colours from the print and it’s comfy to wear. I’ve worn this to work and also to NZ Fashion Week with a pair of blue ankle boots. This was $6.99. Such a steal.

collared romper

This one is a romper/playsuit with a lace collar and bit-wing sleeves. The back is open too so it shows just enough skin without being too sexy. I think this is quite flattering on me and the only thing I’d like it to have are pockets. The label says Oh My Love London and I got it for $9.99.

printed dress

This printed dress above is actually not from Savemart but from the Hospice shop I got the day before my Savemart trip. I think it was around $6 and I love shift dresses because they’re so easy to wear and comfortable as it’s not tight-fitting. I can eat a big lunch and I won’t feel self-conscious. Haha

I know winter has ended but I couldn’t resist picking up jackets/coats.

dotti leather jacket

I found this Dotti faux-leather jacket in the kids section for $7.99 and I couldn’t resist. I actually don’t have any leather jacket in my closet so it’s about time I add it to my wardrobe. This jacket was well-loved but it’s still in good condition. I’ve paired this with my Julian Danger jumpsuit for NZFW.

navy coat

This navy coat was my most expensive purchase at $28 but this fits so well that I couldn’t leave it behind. I love the length and the colours still go with almost every outfit I have. I’ve been wearing this non-stop since getting it and it has kept me warm too because it’s 50% wool. It has pockets too which are a bonus. This was well worth it because I will keep wearing.

pink winter coat

I’ve never had a pink coat but I saw this in the kids section for $9.99 and I thought ‘why not’. It’s cheap and I actually liked how it looks on. The material is warm and cosy too so I don’t regret this purchase. I have a good collection of coats now and I should have enough.

tony bianco bag

The last thing I got was this Tony Bianco cross-body bag. It was $7.99 and the bag itself is in pretty good condition. The leather doesn’t have scratches and it’s soft. The metal handle is a bit worn underneath but you can’t see it. This bag would be handy on casual days when I don’t have much stuff to bring and the colour goes well with everything too.

That’s all I got from my latest thrift haul. I’m really happy with my purchases and I’ve worn most of them already.

Let me know what’s your favourite item from my haul above.

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