floral maxi dress

Floral Maxi Dress

I am well aware that winter is fast approaching but I really wanted to share this floral maxi dress here on the blog but I lost the memory card the photos were in. I finally found the memory card over the weekend so I can share this with you. Also, it is warmer on the other side of the world so this can still be relatable somewhere else.

h&m floral maxi.jpg

I got this floral maxi dress from H&M during my first Sydney Trip. I actually got this same dress in black paisley too as they were both on sale for $15Aus.

floral maxi dress back.jpg

What drew me to this dress is the back. If you look through some of my outfit posts, you’d be able to see that I like clothes with open backs or have interesting back details.

back floral dress.jpg This one was no exception because the back is open with just a button at the top. Apologies for the tan line. That was from an extremely hot day in Mission bay back in January. Tan lines really last on me as these photos were taken in March.

floral maxi dress h&m.jpg

I also really like the two slits on the side. They’re not too high but it shows enough leg and it make it easier to walk too.

floral dress.jpg

It was a windy day when I took photos so they didn’t turn out in focus but I really like the one above, it shows the slits and how the bottom of the dress swishes.

floral maxi dress.jpg

The fabric of the dress is quite thin which is why it’s great for summer and it doesn’t weigh you down. The waist is elasticated so there is also room and it’s not tight-fitting which is how I like my dresses to be.

rubi shoes heels.jpg

I paired the dress with this pair of Rubi shoes heels. These are really comfy and great for summer.

Floral dress ootd.jpg

For accessories, I have earrings from Lovisa, bangle from Karen Walker and sunglasses from Farmers. My lipstick is Revlon Colorburst in Wild Orchid.

I also wore this dress and heels to my friend’s hen’s party because I think the theme was boho chic and this was the closest item in the closet that kinda fitted it.

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