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Birthday Haul

I shared my ‘What I got for Christmas‘ on the blog and same with that, I also love watching/reading what people got for their birthdays. January is my birthday month so I got a few presents which I want to share with you all.

This looks more like a Karen Walker haul too since I picked up a few things from the brand but it has become a tradition for me to have something from Karen Walker.

If you want to see what I got, continue below.

I’ll start off with the Karen Walker items I picked up. I was given a The Department Store voucher from my partner for my birthday last year. It was a fair amount so I used a bit of it during the year but I still had some left over which I needed to use by the first week of January. I obviously didn’t want the voucher to expire because that would’ve been a waste so I headed to the store.

karen walker haul jewellery home fragrance

I looked around to see if I wanted something else from other brands but I kept coming back to Karen Walker. They also had a good sale on so I just grabbed a few things. All of the above except for the perfume were on sale.

karen walker home notebook phone case birthday haulFrom the Karen Walker Home collection, I picked up the notebook and iphone case. I love the floral print on the notebook as I have them in the plates as well. This was a good add one to use up my voucher. I loved the print of the phone case too and it’s what I have on my phone right now.

karen walker A fragrance perfume birthday haulI’ve been wanting a new fragrance for a while but I wasn’t sure which one to buy. Karen Walker brought out three fragrances last year which are named A, B and C. Thankfully the A perfume is the one I liked best on me because my name happens to start with A too. I love the scent.

The A eau de parfum is described as a refreshing, fruity floral scent. It has notes of cassis, mint leaves and grapefruit with hints of rose, lily, green tea and ylang ylang. I agree with it being refreshing. It’s not too floral which is nice and it smells citrusy too. I love it. I got the 50ml instead of 100ml because I have so much perfumes that it’s hard to use the big bottles all up.

karen walker arrows birthday haul jewelleryThe last two were from the accessories range. I love the boxes they came in and it has the signature Karen Walker arrows.

karen walker daisy bangle jewelleryIn the smaller box is this Daisy Bangle. I don’t have a lot of bangles because usually they’re way too big on my wrists but this one is a good size and the colour matches my Oroton wallet perfectly.

karen walker belt floral accessories birthday haulThe last Karen Walker item is this gold waist belt. I’ve loved her belts for a long time and have quite a few but I haven’t seen this one yet. This gold belt clasps in the middle where the two black stones meet and this would spruce up an all black dress.

As if I don’t have enough jewellery, I also got myself two rings.

birthday haul ring silver jewelleryThis silver ring is just a cheapie from Lovisa but it’s from their sterling silver range. It was on sale too so it was ridiculously cheap. I thought it would be nice to have without worrying it will tarnish easily after a few wears.

birthday haul jewellery ringThis is the ring I’m obsessed with right now and it was my birthday gift to myself. I don’t even know what stone it is but I picked it because the yellow colour would also go well with gold jewellery. I love this style of rings the most. I’ve worn this almost every day since getting it.

Moving on the actual presents given to me/not picked out by myself:

birthday hayl swarovski necklace jewelleryMy parents got my this beautiful Swarovski necklace. I didn’t expect this piece of jewellery at all but I love it. It has a pearl and a gold touch there as well so I can easily pair this with pearl earrings or even gold jewellery.

birthday haul havaianas jandals flipflopsI was also given a pair of Havaianas. I wanted a new pair of jandals that are dressier and this is perfect. I’m not one to wear jandals when I go out except for the beach/walking around our area but with this pair, I feel like it’s acceptable to casually wear out while I’m doing errands too. I also love the slim strap style.

birthday haul books beauty cosmeticsThese were all from my sister. The reason why I’m a bit late in posting my birthday haul is because she had to wait for them to be delivered and was only able to give them to me a few days ago.

birthday haul mango butter batiste lip balm iherbShe got the Mango Butter Hand & Body Scrub and the Sierra Bees lipbalm from iHerb. I’ve been eyeing this body scrub for a while and wanted to get it. Lipbalms are essential for me and she said these mint ones are good. She also added my favourite Batiste dry shampoo.

birthday haul secret paris colouring bookShe also gave me this Secret Paris colouring book. I love my little Mindfullness Colouring Book but I fell in love with the illustrations in this one. I wanted it for ages and I was so close to buying it before Christmas when it was on sale. Thankfully I held off.

secret paris colouring book drawings illustrations artThe illustrations inside this book are just beautiful. I almost don’t want to colour in because I don’t want to ruin it with my crappy colouring.

birthday haul complete cat care bookShe also gave me this book which I needed/wanted. I have this on my bedside table to read before bed.

She gave me the book above because my partner gave me a kitten for my birthday!

kitten kittens cat cats spca turboHis name is Turbo and I wrote all about him in this last blog post. I can write about him again but I’ve shared most in that post and I have a lot of cute photos there too. Our kitten is my biggest birthday present this year. I couldn’t ask for anything better and no other material thing could really compare with our little Turbo. I love him so much.

That’s all I have to share with you today. I hope you liked me sharing what I got for my birthday. I’m thankful for another year and I think this year will be better than 2015 for me. I truly hope so anyway.

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    • astylecollector says:

      The sale over the holidays were so good. I went to The Dept Store way too many times before I actually decided what to use my voucher on. Thankfully they were still on sale or else I wouldn’t have been able to get as much. 🙂


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