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Lounge Decor on a budget

I love home decor and recently, I redecorated my house and changed my lounge furniture. I wanted to share how I did it on a budget.

Since the start of the year, I’ve been living by myself. I really enjoy it but Auckland’s house prices meant I now have less extra money therefore when I decided to redecorate, I didn’t want to splurge. So instead, I was patient and sought out deals.

The first thing I did was to get rid of the black furniture I had, which you can see in this old post of mine. I didn’t like the black furniture so I was stoked when I sold it all and replaced it with mostly white.

dining table.jpg

The main thing I really wanted to get is a dining table. I previously didn’t have a dining area and it was time to end eating on the couch or on the small bench in the kitchen. This area is small so I had to be careful on the table.

dining area.jpg

I got this brand new round dining table from Trademe for around $80 on sale. I already had one of the chairs so I just matched it as it was thankfully still available from Kmart for $35. Yes, my dining table is small but it is actually perfect for this space.

When I got this, I didn’t realise how much having a dining area made me happy. The house felt complete and I felt more of an adult haha. My cat Mouse also loves this area and that’s basically his chair.

wall prints.jpg

Above the dining area is a big blank wall. I re-used the old prints I had in my old office/beauty room. The map is from The Warehouse and the prints were DIY as I explained in this post.

The second thing I bought for my lounge is a new TV unit. I had a bit of trouble finding a good TV unit. I ordered a different one from Trademe and unfortunately, it wasn’t white so I returned it and found this one.

Lounge tv cabinet.jpg

My TV unit was also from Trademe for $90. TV units are quite expensive so this was one of the few under $100. I really like it. I had drawers in my old one but I’d rather have cabinets like this. I hide my candle stash in one of them.

tv cabinet.jpg

Replacing my TV is on the list but as I rarely use it anyway, it’s not a priority right now. I also kept the wall prints in this corner. I got those from The Warehouse and I like the colours. It’s fitting too because I’m close to the beach.

The fake plant beside the tv and wire basket are from Kmart. The decorative stuff in the middle of my TV unit and the grey fluffy rug are also Kmart finds.

The hardest piece of furniture for me was the coffee table. I hated my old black rectangular table. It was way too big and it dominated the lounge. I wanted something smaller and also white to match everything.

lounge kmart coffee table.jpg

However, finding a white affordable coffee table was challenging. I just ended up getting these two tables from Kmart for $45. They used to come in white but they’re  not available now. I planned on painting these tables white but at the moment, I’ve left them as it is because at least my dining table and chairs have wooden legs.


I’m also not 100% satisfied with my coffee table setting but at the moment, I have this marble placemat from kmart, the vase, fake flowers and candle are all from The Warehouse. That candle is the Artisan Fleur melon sorbet candle and it smells so good just by itself.

Near my front door is another blank wall so I moved my Kmart ladder shelf from my room to this space.

Kmart ladder shelf.jpg

This is my ‘knick-knacks’ area. My internet modem is here and a few boxes for more storage. I got the pink, orange and yellow metal boxes from an opshop a few years ago. I love how bright they are. The plastic bins on the lowest shelf are also from Kmart as well as the wax melt burner and copper candle holder.

Lastly, one cannot have a lounge without a couch.


This is the main piece of furniture I’ve retained because it’s perfect for this space due to the L-shape. My cats love this couch as you can see Turbo in his favourite bird-watching spot. Eventually, I’d like to replace the couch because as much as I tried training my cats not to scratch it, they keep doing it anyway so it’s not looking the best. However, it’s super comfy. I just cover it with blankets to make it look nicer and cozier. The blankets and cushions are all from Kmart.

I think, compared to how my lounge is before, this space is brighter and more functional. I have a small place but it’s perfect for me and I love how my lounge is so bright during the day. This area has so much natural light.

In terms of my decor, as you can see there’s a big Kmart and Warehouse theme going on. They do have the most affordable home decor items so they’re great if you’re on a budget. Going to opshops is also a good idea and perusing on Trademe for deals. Furniture shopping can be so expensive. I wish we have IKEA here but even the IKEA resellers are on the higher price point when I was looking for replacement furniture.

At this point in time, I’m happy with the changes I’ve made to this area of my house. I love coming home in this space I’ve created and even with a limited budget.

I hope you enjoyed this home decor update of mine. Please let me know if you think I should keep the wooden finish of my coffee tables or if I should repaint it white? Any affordable home decor suggestions are also welcome!

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13 thoughts on “Lounge Decor on a budget

  1. Jay says:

    Angela, you’re place looks amazing! We have similar tastes I swear. I was going to get your coffee table too, but instead of our lounge it would’ve gone into my bedroom. I say keep it as it is and find something to go with the style of the table.

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