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Devonport, Auckland

One of my favourite places in the North Shore is Devonport. It has great old buildings, it’s close to the water and you can go up to two volcanic cones to see a different view of Auckland.

This quaint little town has so much character. I love going here for a stroll on a good day. Luckily, I live quite close to Devonport so one Sunday, we woke up early and had brunch in one of the cafes along the main road then we went for a walk around town.

Click below for a few photos I took during this sunny winter day.

devonport auckland viewThis is the main strip in town, Victoria Road. It is lined with old buildings and has plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops. There is also an old movie theatre. From a distance, you can see the water with the city on the other side.

devonport auckland viewOn the corner is the Esplanade Hotel which is the first photo on this post. It is quite a prominent building and is right opposite the Devonport ferry terminal. I didn’t take a photo of the terminal as it’s under construction.

Basically, if you’re driving, there is only one way to get to Devonport which is through Takapuna, Hauraki, Belmont and Narrowneck and continuing along Lake Road. Alternatively, you can also take the ferry. You can catch one from the CBD and you can also take the ferry to the lovely Waiheke Island.

devonport librarydevonport auckland library buildingIt’s a small town and recently, the library has been upgraded which now looks really flash. I like how timber was used throughout the building and the Maori carvings by the entrance.

devonport auckland trees knittingI also saw this pretty cool tree in front of the library. This was at winter time and the locals have transformed this tree into some work of art.

devonport auckland viewdevonport auckland viewRight behind the ferry terminal is this good lookout of the Auckland CBD. You can clearly see the skytower in the distance. This is also a popular fishing spot.

devonport auckland viewDevonport has this relaxing vibe. On a nice sunny day, you will see a lot of people out and about.

If you haven’t been to Devonport yet, these are the things I recommend you checking out:

The Torpedo Bay Navy Museum

devonport navy museumIt is free to enter so if you have spare time, go check out the Navy Museum. There is also a cafe in the museum which I’ve heard isn’t too bad either. I went here last summer and it was really nice to be inside because it was airconditioned. It is a small museum but quite enjoyable.

North Head

devonport north head aucklanddevonport north head aucklandNorth Head is a historic reserve up on a volcano. You can see a 360 degree view of Auckland from the Auckland CBD to Rangitoto Island. When you go up there, you can still see the military history of the site. You can also walk through the underground tunnels. Apparently, grass surfing is also popular so if you want to bring a cardboard to go down the hills, you’re welcome to do so.

Mount Victoria

devonport auckland mount victoriaIf you’re up for a higher challenge than North Head then I suggest Mount Victoria which is closer to the main shops in Devonport. Mount Victoria is the highest volcano in the North Shore. You get a great view up the top. This is also a popular spot to view fireworks on New Years Day, Guy Fawkes etc. Watching the sunset over here is great.

Devonport Chocolates Shop

devonport chocolates aucklandIf you love chocolate like I do, you have to stop by Devonport Chocolates. This is their main shop and you can see the workers making chocolate at the back. When you enter, they’ll offer you to try some chocolates which I never say no to. I always end up getting some to take home too. It’s worth it.

Cheltenham Beach

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Our favourite.

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This was taken on a dreary winter’s day but Cheltenham Beach is my favourite beach to go to in the North Shore. It’s quiet and more peaceful. This is our go-to beach if we want to go for a walk. It’s also close to North Head and there’s a nice dairy and takeaway shop close by so you can either enjoy eating an ice cream or the classic fish and chips on the beach.


There are plenty of cafes in Devonport.

devonport auckland food bette's cafeThis was at Bette’s. They don’t serve the typical breakfast food but the decor and vibe of the place is cool. However, it is on the pricey side.

If you want reasonably priced food, massive servings and quick service, then Manuka is one to try.

devonport auckland manuka cafe foodThe menu is extensive. We went here for breakfast around 9:30am.

devonport auckland manuka cafe foodThe decor is nice and cozy. The service was also really quick. Our food came out in no time.

devonport auckland manuka cafe foodI got their calamari and my partner got the big breakfast. We both enjoyed it. The serving was massive but the food was well-priced.

There are many other things you can check out in Devonport but these are all I can think of based from my experience. Now that summer is approaching, I’ll definitely be going to Devonport a lot more.

I hope you enjoyed this post about one of my favourite places in Auckland and I hope you’ve had a great weekend.

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