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This is my last runway post from NZ Fashion Week. It has been a few weeks already but I still wanted to share this. NYFW is on right now and I could only dream to watch a runway show there.

Anyway, this post is all about the CLEO Presents RUBY/HOLY CHIC/COOP show during the NZ Fashion Weekend. This is a great combination of three wonderful designers. This is the show that was most wearable to me and closest to my style. I loved the clothes I saw and want them all.

To see more runway photos, click below.

The first designer in the show was RUBY. I’ve made a post about the actual RUBY show during Fashion Week but I believe the CLEO show features the current collection.

The three runway photos above are also from RUBY.

nzfw cleo ruby holy chic fashion weeknzfw cleo ruby holy chic fashion weekI love the top and pants co-ord set in the middle. It’s something I’d love to have in my wardrobe. I love the cut of the top and the fit of the jeans on the model. It’s casual but chic in my opinion.

This RUBY collection had florals, polka dots and some lace. The runway looks are very wearable.

nzfw cleo ruby holy chic fashion weekThe final walk for RUBY.

One the right hand side in front row is actually Shaaanxo, the famous NZ Youtuber. It was interesting because she vlogged about this show and how she had trouble getting in. I definitely know because the woman manning the door to this show was not letting anyone either VIP or delegates without a ticket. I managed to sneak when she wasn’t around. I then stayed at the photographer’s pit because the seats were ticketed for the general public.

Next up was HOLY CHIC

nzfw cleo ruby holy chic fashion week nzfw cleo ruby holy chic fashion weekI also enjoyed this collection. It was more relaxed and casual than RUBY with more loose-fitting clothes. The dress on the top left reminds me of a Karen Walker dress to be honest.

I loved the coat on the bottom-right though.

nzfw cleo ruby holy chic fashion weekHats were also present in this collection which I thought complemented the clothing really well. Hats are in style right now and I love them. I’ve featured my wool hat in a couple of outfit posts (1, 2 & 3) here on the blog.

I love the whole outfit above. The navy, the hat, the skirt and boots. Just everything. It’s a look I want to be able to pull off. It’s simple and casual but it doesn’t look sloppy. I think some accessories would’ve added something to it too.

As the show’s name, there was also COOP included in the runway show but I left early because I had to cover another designer for the NZFW Backstage Blog. Bonds underwear followed HOLY CHIC and that was my cue to go because I wasn’t interested in taking photos of the models in their underwear. I wish I saw the COOP collection but I had other things to do. I still enjoyed what I saw though.

This basically wraps up my NZ Fashion Week runway posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. I still feel incredibly thankful that I was able to go and watch a few shows as well as experience what it’s like backstage. Being able to interview the head makeup artists, hair stylists and designers was a highlight too.

My first NZFW experience was exhausting but great. I hope I’ll be able to experience something like this in the future.

If you’ve watched NZFW shows or have followed it throughout the week, who was your favourite designer? Or are you currently following NYFW? I’d love to but the past few days have been hectic that I haven’t had a chance. I’ll do some major catching up this weekend though.

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6 thoughts on “NZFW: CLEO Presents RUBY & HOLY CHIC

  1. Georgie @ Georgieats says:

    This is a great review and I love all your pictures! Really love the flowery dress at the top with the belt and of course, the crop top and pants combo – also my favourite colours! I couldn’t make it NZFW this year, but I did go last year and did a short post about it (fashion and eats) –

    I will definitely aim to go next year. Do you recommend volunteering for it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      Thank you! I love the florals from the show too.

      Thanks for linking your post. That looked fun and all that food too. Yum. I think if you really want to experience behind the scenes then definitely volunteer. I noticed volunteers actually got to watch shows too when it’s not full so they fill the empty seats. I didn’t properly volunteer through NZFW but did the backstage blog through We Are Anthology. If you want to be the backstage blog writer then I recommend going to them if they’re doing it again next year 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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