thrifted black dress ootd outfit heels

Thrifted Black Dress

I have been meaning to post this dress for quite a while but I waited to feature it in a thrift haul first. At long last, it’s here and I’m excited to share it today.

I wore this dress to NZ Fashion Week but styled it differently. Today’s outfit is more dressed up and all the details will be down below.

If you haven’t seen my thrift haul, this dress was from Savemart.  I was so glad when I saw it and hoped it would fit me. It was in the kids section and was only $6.99! It has a thick fabric, has long sleeves, beaded detailing and it has pockets. It was a sure winner in my books.

I love that it’s not figure-hugging either. I mentioned in my thrift haul that the material is like neoprene. It’s a thick fabric that doesn’t cling to the body. It made it pretty appropriate to wear in winter too.

thrifted black dress ootd outfit sunglassesThe jewelled detailing in the front really makes this dress fancier in my opinion. If it wasn’t for the jewels, this black dress would be plain and boring.

thrifted black dress ootd outfit heelsFor this outfit, I paired the dress with these nude heels from Rubi shoes. Because it’s a black dress, I could wear this with any pair of heels but I thought the simple nude heels make the dress stand out even more.

thrifted black dress ootd outfit jewellery ringsFor accessories, I kept it simple with a few silver rings. I didn’t need any bracelets or necklaces because of the jewelled detail on the dress. My sunglasses in the photos are my Karen Walker Number One in tort.

This dress has two pockets and I actually didn’t realise it had pockets until I got home. It was a great bonus!

As I mentioned previously, I also wore this dress to NZ Fashion Week. I knew when I saw it in Savemart that I will be wearing it to Fashion Week because it is edgier and different to my usual dresses. It’s also comfortable and will keep me warm as NZFW was during winter.

I wanted to wear heels with it but I knew I wouldn’t last in them so I opted for flats. This is what I wore:

thrifted black dress ootd outfit heels nzfwThe photos were taken by Ciara from rheiid outside the NZFW venue. It was still cold so I wore tights and my New Look oxfords from my Melbourne shoe haul.

I loved wearing it to NZFW even if I had flats on. I felt comfortable yet stylish which is what I wanted to achieve. We did a lot of waiting, walking and standing around during that week so heels weren’t an option. I’m happy I was able to find something that worked with the dress and still looked decent. My top choice was the outfit above but there was no way I’d last in them. I think it worked out in the end though!

Anyway, that’s all for this thrifted black dress of mine. It was such a great find in the opshop and it’s one of the cheapest dresses I’ve ever bought too.

Let me know what you think about this dress and which one did you like more. Do you like dressy or comfy?

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and I hope you have a great day!

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