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Brand Focus: Topshop Beauty

This is the first post in my new Brand Focus series. I have a growing makeup collection and I realised that I have a lot of different products from one brand. Today I’m featuring one of my favourite brands, Topshop Beauty.

I have seriously loved almost everything I’ve tried from the brand and I’m going to talk about each product down below.

Before I start, I think Topshop Beauty is quite an underrated brand. I don’t see too many people or bloggers talking about their products but they’re surprisingly really good. My collection has a mixture of nail polishes, lips and face products.

topshop beauty makeup cosmetics

My whole collection couldn’t even fit into one pretty flatlay!

I’ll start off with my last Topshop Beauty purchase which was this beautiful highlighter.

topshop beauty highlighter horizon

This is the highlighter in Horizon. It is a golden bronze highlighter that gives such a beautiful glow to the skin. My sister got this first and she fell in love and wouldn’t stop raving about it so a few months later, I bought one too. This is great in summer time or when you have a tan. I also love just putting this all over my lid for a bit of colour.

topshop beauty highlighter glow

Besides Horizon, I also have the highlighter in Sunbeam and the Topshop Glow pot in Gleam. Sunbeam as you can see from the pan is a yellow gold highlight. It’s also very pretty but it’s quite pigmented so a little goes a long way. I tend to apply this lightly using a fan brush.

That little pot of Glow in the shade Gleam has been a favourite of mine for quite some time. It was my first cream highlighter and I love it so much. It’s a rose gold shade which looks beautiful and lasts on my skin . I find it close to Benefit’s Watt’s Up.

topshop beauty highlighters makeup

Here are the two Topshop Beauty highlighters to compare the shades. Horizon is on the left and Sunbeam on the right. The pans are massive too so these are going to last me forever.

Another favourite of mine is this bronzer in Mohawk.

topshop beauty bronzer

This is a matte bronzer so it’s great to contour with or to add some warmth to my face. This is another well-loved product of mine and I’m close to hitting pan.

topshop beauty highlighter bronzer glow

Here are some of the swatches. I don’t have an arm swatch of Horizon as I got it way after I took the photo above. From left to right are: Mohawk bronzer, Glow highlighter in Gleam and Sunbeam.

Moving on to blushes, I have two from the brand:

topshop beauty cream blush

I have Aorta on the left and Head Over Heels on the right. Aorta is a metallic cream blush but don’t let the metallic part scare you. It’s actually a nice natural looking blush on my skin and this has converted me into liking cream blushes. Head Over Heels is this coral pink shade which looks so bright in the pan but it blends into a more subtle rosy-pink tone on my skin.

topshop beauty cream blushes swatch

Aorta is on the left and Head Over Heels on the right. I blend these using a stipple brush and because they’re cream blushes, they last pretty well throughout the day.

My first every purchase from Topshop Beauty was a lip product and this is what really got me started and how I got quite obsessed with the brand.

topshop beauty lipstick lip marker

I have one Lip Marker in the shade Hot Shot and two Lip Sticks in Clueless (bright pink) and Hedonist (orange). I wasn’t a fan of the Lip Marker because it felt drying on my lips but it did leave a nice stain. Compared to all the other lip products I’ve tried from the brand, this was my least favourite.

I like both the Lip Sticks but I use them more as lip pencils. Clueless is great to pair with my Topshop Lips in All About Me and Hedonist is great with Rio Rio.

topshop beauty lip liner

As for Lip Liners, I have the shades Wheels On Fire (top red), Deception (middle dark red/burgundy) and Beestung (bottom nude). I really all three lip liners and I have swatched Beestung and Deception in this previous blog post.

The biggest part of my Topshop Beauty collection involves lipsticks. I absolutely love Topshop Lips and this is fairly obvious because I have 12 shades.

topshop lips beauty lipsticks

I have 9 in the original Topshop Lips packaging, 1 limited edition in rose gold and two limited edition in the clear packaging.

topshop lips lipsticks makeup beauty cosmetics

I have actually swatched 10 of my Topshop Lips lipsticks already so head over to this post to see them all. I didn’t include the two lipsticks in the clear packaging as I ended up giving away the pink shade as it didn’t suit my skin but I still have the purple lipstick which is in the shade Straight Ace.

These are my top three:

topshop lips lipsticks beauty

From left to right: Rio Rio, All About Me and The Damned. All About Me has been my go-to bright pink shade. I love wearing it!

The last face product I have from the brand is for my brows.

topshop beauty brows eyebrow makeup palette kit

I have the Brow Palette in Whatever which is a dark shade. I featured and talked about this more in my Battle of the Brows post. This is another good product that I use often because it matches my eyebrows well. I personally haven’t used the tiny spooly, tweezers and brush but it’s good to have anyway.

Last but not the least are nail polishes.

topshop nails beauty nail polish

If you think Topshop stopped at makeup, you’re wrong because they have so much nail polish shades! I was always curious to try them but since you can’t order nail polishes online to be shipped here in NZ, I got mine from The Department Store when they had a sale. Then it kicked off this slight obsession.

I have 2 holographic, 2 duochrome, 1 peel-off polish and the rest are original versions.

topshop nails nail polish swatches

Here are the swatches of my Topshop Nails. I cannot find the peel-off nail polish any more but I also didn’t like that one because it took forever to dry. It did peel-off well but I didn’t like the formula as much as the others. Also, the green with white dots didn’t have a name on the bottle.

For the rest of my nail polishes, I’ve been impressed with the formula and they last a decent amount of time with a top coat.

Wistful and Winterfront on the left side of the swatches are the holographic polishes. They are so pigmented and every time I put them on my nails, I can’t stop staring at them. They’re really cool. Solar and Mermaid are the duochrome polishes. When I got these, Chanel Peridot was all the rage and I found Solar to be a pretty close dupe.

topshop nails big smoke awol nail polish

My favourites from the original shades are Big Smoke and AWOL and they’ve appeared on my Instagram a few times. Big Smoke is such a nice nude polish and quite flattering. AWOL is a bright blue polish which is such a statement. The polishes are all so pigmented and I only ever put 2 coats.

If you can’t tell, I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve tried so far from the brand. I think they’re great value and some of them I got on sale too which was even better. I don’t like to waste my money so if I keep buying a product in different shades, you know it’s because I love it and trust that it works well for me.

If you haven’t tried anything from Topshop Beauty, I recommend the polishes and the lipsticks. I think they’re great value. I know there are so many beauty brands out there but I think Topshop Beauty hasn’t really been talked about a lot but in my opinion, it’s worth trying.

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, thank you so much! I’ve waffled on but I hope you like this new Brand Focus series. Let me know if this has been helpful and what brand you want me to feature next time.

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5 thoughts on “Brand Focus: Topshop Beauty

  1. Siobhan says:

    In love with the lipsticks. I got one of the shades in the gold packaging! I love it. Keep meaning to go back & buy more! Think after reading this I will be doing that today! haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      It is actually from Topshop. They have their makeup on their UK website but they’re just not available in all countries then. I didn’t know that they don’t have them in the Philippines! We only got a Topshop store here in NZ last year. Haha


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