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Home Style: Desk/Makeup Space

It’s been a while since I posted about home decor. Over the Christmas break, I redid our spare bedroom which is my office/closet. I don’t really know what to properly call this room but it’s basically a room full of my things. This is where I usually write my blog posts, do my makeup, get dressed and ready every day.

The rest of the room is basically the same but I changed my desk area and I am really happy with the result. This part of my room is brighter, less cluttered and more usable than it was before. If you want to have a sneak peak of my space and how I styled it, click below.

Before I start, you will read The Warehouse and Kmart a lot in this post. I decorated in a thrifty manner because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on furniture. Those two stores were my best bet at finding pieces that would work in my room and wouldn’t break the bank. I add that we don’t have IKEA in New Zealand which is a tragedy because if we do, most of my furniture would probably be from there.

Moving on to my actual room, I’ll start off with my desk area.

The desk and shelf above were my latest furniture purchases and what changed this room for the better. My old desk was actually a kids one that I’ve had since I was at uni. I got the new white desk from Warehouse Stationery. The ladder shelf, white chair, copper basket and fan were all from Kmart. I use that copper basket to have the clothes that need ironing.

desk office home decor

I try to keep my desk tidy but it’s not usually the case. The lamp that you can briefly see on the left was from Kmart but I took it back because I realised it was missing a piece on the base and it made it crack and lean on one side. I still haven’t replaced it so my desk currently does not have a lamp and I’ve put a flower vase in its place.

I also have the Joy and Wish pen holders which used to be candles from The Warehouse. I found another one which says Hope so there’s now three pen holders. I also have my laptop and my Kikki.K diary.

desk office home room decor

The two silver things on my desk are my Philipps iPhone dock which is great at charging my phone and if I want to play music. My makeup mirror is from Farmers. On the right are three copper mugs from Kmart that I use as brush holders. The black tray was from the Japanese Store so the mugs/brush holders don’t slide around. The notebooks are also from Kmart and I’ve featured in my Stationery haul.

Towards the right of my desk is the ladder shelf from Kmart. It has four shelves and they’re great for decor and storage.

home decor office shelf wall art flowers

The top shelf is my favourite part and I sometimes change it up. I currently have a different test tube vase in there (see updated Instagram photo) but I’ve kept a candle and the purple decorative quote thing which lights up. My mother gave it to me.

home decor office kmart shelf books

The second and third shelf are more useful than decorative but I still tried to make it pretty. The second shelf has a few books and notebooks and the three coloured metal boxes were an opshop find. I love them.

The third shelf has some of my files/documents, magazines and boxes I use to store random things in. The middle boxes with arrows are Karen Walker and the three black and white ones were from a dollar store. They have pictures, gift wrapping stuff and a few memories inside.

home decor room storage kmart fan

The bottom shelf has two plastic boxes which were also from Kmart. The yellow one holds spare folders, documents and notebooks. The blue one is so heavy and filled with my candles and diffusers. I have accumulated a lot since moving into this house and I’m slowly using up my candles. I love having them around my house.

The green desk fan is also from Kmart. It’s so cute and great for this small room because it doesn’t take too much space.

home decor room style shelf flowers wall art

I have a dresser close to the shelf and on top is where I display my lipsticks. This part of my room is probably my favourite part to look at because it has a combination of lipsticks, flowers and inspirational quotes.

home decor makeup lipsticks flowers room style

I love how my lipsticks are displayed on my dresser. It’s easy to pick what I want to wear. The clear lipstick holders were from eBay and one holds 24 lipsticks. I just put three right beside each other. The clear containers beside it on the right was from Kmart. The vase is also from Kmart but it is originally an oil diffuser. I much prefer it as a pretty vase.

wall art home decor room style quotes motivation inspiration

This is my favourite wall in the house. I have a world map on the left and a bunch of motivational/inspirational quotes which I DIY’ed. I’ve made a separate blog post about them and how I did it so if you want to know more, click here.

I need a lot of storage in this room so I have different shelves and drawers. The coloured drawers on the left holds all my makeup. I got it from Warehouse Stationery. If you want me to do a makeup storage/collection post, let me know. I found the drawers the best way to store my makeup and it works well for me. It’s within reach of my desk so it’s easy to do my makeup every morning.

Right beside my dresser and closest to my closet are a three-tier bookcase and bathroom caddy. The bookcase and drawing inserts were from the Warehouse and the caddy was from Kmart. They both hold my beauty stuff, backup products and hair tools. The red laundry basket was from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

home decor room style desk office shelf

This room has become my happy place in the house since I’ve redecorated. I feel much more motivated to do work/write blog posts in here. I constantly change it around as well so it looks a bit different (and less tidy) than than the photos above.

I only showed half of this room because it would be way too long if I included my closet in here but let me know if you want to see that this too.

The other part of this room displays my clothes, shoes, bags, perfume collection, sunglasses, jewellery etc. I have a lot of stuff and thankfully I have a room dedicated to it. When we were looking for a house, I knew I wanted a spare room for me and my partner wanted a garage for all his car stuff. We were lucky to find this place that catered to both our needs so he has his man cave and I have this room. I think it’s great and necessary that we have our own spaces even in

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into my house. I’ve also featured my living/lounge area here on the blog last year. Let me know what you think of it below or any decor tips/ideas to make this space better. I’m also on a hunt for a good but affordable desk lamp. If you know where I can find one, comment down below.

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21 thoughts on “Home Style: Desk/Makeup Space

    • astylecollector says:

      Thank you so much for commenting Mackenzie! I love white spaces but I also love pop of colours here and there and this room reflects that. If only I could keep it this tidy every day. Haha 🙂


  1. Jay says:

    I love everything! The style of this room is pretty much what I like. I’m not in the ideal situation to do anything at the moment, but I definitely need to check out The Warehouse and Kmart when I am. Great post!

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