april highlights

April Highlights

I feel like I say this every month but how fast is this year going by though?! It’s already May and April whizzed by so quickly. Next thing you know, it will be the end of the year which is crazy.

April was quite a hectic month for me. There were some stressful parts but I also did some exciting things. See monthly recap below.


  • This was not really a highlight but I got sick during the first week of April. I either had a horrible case of cold or flu. I was fairly certain it was the flu though and I was off work for 2 and a half days. The upside was that I got to spend more time with my cat Turbo.
  • If you’re feeling under the weather, I also recommend the Survive Super Juice for a boost of vitamin C. I really like it and had a few during April.
  • The most used appliance in our kitchen is the Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine. It is one of the best things I’ve bought for the house and my partner and I have been loving the cafe au lait.
  • I like drinking my coffee at home with my Karen Walker Home mug and saucer. I also got gold and copper teaspoons to match it. I wanted to be fancy! Haha
  • I also bought a cape for the first time ever. I was really excited about it and I got it on sale too.

april food cafe brunch desserts milse ortolana auckland

  • The first three photos are during brunch at Takapuna. I had a bowl of coffee. Yes, a bowl of coffee. It was huge and amazing. If you need a big dose of caffeine, head over to Ragazzi.
  • I also met up with Kendel from Little Misadventures. We had brunch at Ortolana. I highly recommend their iced espresso and chocolate. It was so good! The food was great too and I got the chicken. After that, we had dessert at Milse. I had a sundae which was pretty satisfying. I always have a good time with Kendel.

april monthly highlights

  • I had a lovely and unexpected wedding invitation arrive at work for my partner and I. We’re excited to attend the wedding of my friend from uni in a couple of months.
  • I finally got a decent selfie with Turbo. Haha
  • I had a quick opshopping/thrifting trip and I found an amazing collared blouse (top right). It made me miss opshopping so much.
  • After opshopping, I got a Kiwiyo treat for the walk home from Takapuna. I haven’t had one in a while too.
  • The most exciting thing in my calendar was April’s brunchclub which was at The Cat Lounge. It was the first thing in my calendar.
  • I was kindly sent the facial booster oil from Olive Skincare. It was beautifully packaged and a wonderful surprise.

eye of horus goddess makeup cosmetics beauty

I was also invited to a beauty event for Eye of Horus. I won’t delve into this further because I wrote a blog post about it.

april nzbloggers brunchclub the cat lounge

A major highlight of April was going to The Cat Lounge for the first time with a bunch of NZ bloggers. Keep an eye out on the blog on Tuesday for my experience and for more cute cat photos!

That’s all I have to share about April. Let me know what was the best part of last month for you and I hope May is an even better one.

If you’ve missed any of my posts in April, here are my top ones:

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  2. Kmart Collective Haul
  3. Brand Focus: Topshop Beauty
  4. Mount Maunganui Trip

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! 🙂


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