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The Cat Lounge

Two weekends ago, I went to The Cat Lounge with a bunch of lovely NZ Bloggers for Brunchclub. When I found out that April’s event was at a cat cafe, I couldn’t miss out on a ticket. Since getting my kitty Turbo, I have become a crazy cat lady so going to this place is definitely up my alley.

If you’re wondering what it is like, click below because I’m sharing my whole experience and a lot of cute cat photos.

If I’m not mistaken, The Cat Lounge is the first cat cafe in Auckland. It is located in the North Shore. It’s about a 15min drive from my house so I don’t know why it has taken me this long to go.

the cat lounge cats cafe

The Cat Lounge currently has 17 cats. They’re all so adorable!

Before I continue with the actual cats, The Cat Lounge is a proper cafe.

The Cat Lounge Auckland Cafe

It is laid out in two areas. The photos above are the cafe area where you can order coffee and food and sit down. This is where you can wait before you can enter the cat area too.

the cat lounge nzbloggers brunchclubnz

Inside, there are different areas where you can cuddle and meet the cats. There is a couch section in a corner with a fireplace and TV which shows a cat videos.

the cat lounge friskies cafe auckland

There is also the middle part where there are a lot of cat toys.

the cat lounge cafe cats auckland 2

And then there is the outdoor area. You can see the cats from outside and this is quite a popular place for the kitties too.

the cat lounge nzbloggers brunchclubnz cats

There are lots of places the cats can chill and run as well such as the bridge above.

Moving on to the actual cats, I didn’t see all of the 17 kitties. There were a few hiding in boxes or didn’t want any human attention.

Here are the ones I was able to take photos of though:

the cat lounge auckland cafe ginger cats

The one above is Ron Weasley, the only ginger kitty in the cafe. He loved being in the outside area.

the cat lounge auckland white catsthe cat lounge white cats cafe

Maraetai is a special one. He is the biggest one there and he is a one-eyed kitty. He was so fluffy but he didn’t like pats when we were there. There’s Lena from Lena Talks Beauty on the right trying to cuddle both Maraetai and Charlie.

cat cafe the cat lounge auckland cats

There were two kitties inside the box but I think the one you can see is Lancelot.

the cat lounge cafe auckland tabby cats

I think this one is Richie McClaw and he liked chilling on someone’s bag like a boss.

the cat lounge cafe auckland white cats nzbloggers

Xanadu was definitely the friendliest. Melissa of Melissa Loses It (top right) and Laura from Lauralaurablog (bottom left) also had a cuddle with her.

the cat lounge white cats cafe auckland

I did too and I loved it.

the cat lounge cafe bruce wayne

This cutie is Bruce Wayne. I love his name and he is also a Tuxedo like Turbo. He was small and loved being on people’s laps.

the cat lounge cats cafe auckland

The two above are Laila and Jetsam with the ginger kitty Ron Weasley on the right.

cats the cat lounge cafe

There’s Charlie on the left, Midnight in the middle and Flotsam on the right.

the cat lounge cafe cats auckland

I loved every minute inside The Cat Lounge. For $10, you get to have an hour with the kitties and I wish it was longer. I could stay there for hours!

When our hour was up, we went back to the main cafe area and ordered food. I got the salmon bagel and it was pretty good for $5.50. I also had a mocha before entered the cat area and The Cat Lounge serves Orb coffee which is great. My food + drink experience was pretty good.

If you’re really hungry though, don’t expect a full meal. They only have cabinet food but there are sweet and savoury options. There were cakes, slices and cheesecakes as well as pies, sandwiches and bagels. You can also buy The Cat Lounge merch like t-shirts if you want to.

My first experience at this place was great and I can’t wait to go back already. I think $10 is a good price for an hour with the kitties and the food and drinks are reasonably priced too. They recommend booking before you go though. We went on a Saturday and the sign said they were fully booked til 3pm.

We also got a goodie bag afterwards:

Everything was so cute!

Everything about that day was cat-related and I also couldn’t miss the opportunity to dress up so I wear my cat print top that I’ve had for years:

Everyone liked my outfit too so it was a great idea wearing it. I got it on sale for $10 5-6 years ago and I could never part with it. It’s been a while since I wore it too but I found the perfect occasion!

If you love cats, you need to come here because you’ll have a great time. I can’t see any reason a cat lover wouldn’t like in there.

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