may highlights

May Highlights

May was a pretty full-on but it was pretty good. When I looked back, I realised I have so many photos.

Today, I’m sharing all the best bits from the past month and you can check out my recap below.

may highlights instagram

  • I had a team brunch at The Botanist. I love how one part of it is an actual flower shop. Their crumpet waffles were nice too.
  • My bf wanted to go to Bucklands Beach so we drove all the way there. We had a lovely brunch and we were going to walk along the beach but it was too cold and windy.
  • I got a new awesome cat shirt!
  • Turbo has been a lot cuddlier. I think it’s because it’s getting colder too and he wants my warmth.
  • My sister baked an amazing entremet and she dropped a slice off at home. It was so good and better than some desserts I’ve had at restaurants.
  • I had a beautiful view on the way home from work and captured the sunset.
  • Exploring new places we’ve never been to.
  • I take Turbo outside on a harness and we found a hedgehog. He was so nice and didn’t go too close. I’m glad Turbo left him alone.
  • I managed to score a few Beauty Review vault goodies. I will be posting a haul sometime soon.


I also had a pretty big cleanout of my beauty room/office last month. It’s not as tidy as the photo above any more but it’s not too bad either.

It was also Mother’s Day:

waipuna high tea mother's day

My sister and I took mum out for high tea. I went back to Waipuna Hotel for high tea because I enjoyed my first time there. We then did a bit of shopping afterwards. It was a nice girls day out.

May was also big on food.

may brunchclubnz coffee lab nzbloggers

I went to NZBlogger’s Brunchclub at the Coffee Lab. It was great and it is always so nice to meet other bloggers.

may highlights food

Speaking of NZBloggers, I caught up with Kendel of Little Misadventures a few times last month. We had brunch at Best Ugly Bagels, got free sundae from The Food Truck and ended up at Miann for dessert. I also traded old verrine cups for macarons at Milse. It was a great Sunday.

We also had coffee twice at cafes near my work: Major Sprout and Scratch Bakers.

may highlights food cafe italian

The boyfriend and I have made more effort to having at least one proper date night a month. We went out for food a couple of times though which was great. The three photos above were at The Beach House at Bucklands Beach. The bottom three was at our favourite Italian restaurant in Takapuna, Il Forno.

papas pizza auckland restaurant food

Our most recent food adventure was at Papa’s Pizzeria in Sandringham. We were driving around on a cold, rainy Saturday when the bf saw the pizza sign, turned and park right in front of it. It was a great last minute decision from him because I saw warm and dry near the fireplace and we had chips, pizza and pasta.

As you can tell, May was food-filled and I have no regrets maybe except for the increase in weight but whatever. Haha.

cat cats turbothetuxedo

Lastly, I just want to share my favourite photos of Turbo from last month. I got him a tuxedo harness and he looked so cute and dapper! He’s also really spoiled and he got a new cat cave from Kmart and since I cleaned my room and have a clear dresser top, he has taken interest and he likes to chill on top by my lipsticks. For more of his shenanigans, check out his Instagram: turbothetuxedo.

Before I end this post, check out my top blog posts in May:

I hope you liked last month’s recap and if you live in NZ, I hope you have an amazing long weekend!

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