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Thrift Haul

It’s been a long time since I posted a thrift/opshop haul here on the blog. As much as I love thrifting, I haven’t had the time to go or if I have, I’ve only bought one or two pieces that weren’t enough to feature in a post.

A few weekends ago, I made the time to go to my favourite Hospice shop and I got lucky because I came home with a bunch of thrifted goodies.

I have a mixture of clothing, books and a kitchen item so continue on if you want to know everything I got.

I’ll start of with the clothing items I got from the Hospice:

thrifting thrift haul opshopping clothes fashion

I got six things which were all from the fill-a-bag for $2 section in the Hospice warehouse.

thrifting opshopping thrift haul blazer

I got this black McGINN KNIGHTSBRIDGE blazer. I have so many blazers but this was in my size and it seems well made. I haven’t heard of this brand before though but it’s a pretty good fit on me.

thrifting opshopping thrift haul blouse

The brightest top in my haul is this green blouse with cutouts by the collar. I think this would look good with my favourite high-waisted pants for work.

thrifting opshopping thrift haul sweater

This was a random purchase but because it was so cheap, I chucked it in the bag anyway. It’s this sweater with mesh and embroidered cutout details on the shoulders.

thrifting opshopping thrift haul dresses

The remaining three are quite simple winter pieces. I got a scowl neck long-sleeve dress with pockets, a striped Glassons dress and the black blob on the bottom left is just a plain turtle-neck shirt.

Besides clothing, I scored some 7 books too.

thrifting opshopping thrift haul nelson mandela coversations with myself book

I rarely buy brand new books anymore as I like to find new reads in thrift stores. I was stoked to find this hardbound copy of Nelson Mandela’s book.

thrifting opshopping thrift haul books hospice

The rest of the books I picked up were light reads and cook books.

Lastly, the one piece of kitchen item is this copper pizza tray:

thrifting opshopping haul copper tray

I usually never check the kitchenware section of the Hospice warehouse but I saw this in the corner of my eye. Thankfully my bag still had room and I was able to fit it along with the clothes and books.

I got all the things above for $13! Yes, only thirteen dollars. 14 items for $13 is a pretty good deal to me!

Before I end this post, I also want to add the one item I got from a different Hospice shop.

thrifting opshopping thrift haul laser cut blouse clothing fashion

I couldn’t resist buying this awesome top. it has a collar, laser cut details, 3/4 sleeves so good for this colder weather AND it is long enough that I can wear it with leggings.

thrifting opshopping thrift haul collar laser cut blouse clothing fashion

This top actually ticks all the boxes for me and it is my style. It is great and I know it’s going to be a favourite of mine.

thrifting thrift haul opshopping cat kitten turbothetuxedo.jpg

Turbo seems to approve of this purchase too. This is my favourite thrifted purchase so far this year and it was only $8.

Hauls like this is why I love thrifting/opshopping. I love bargains and finding pieces that I might not usually see in stores here in NZ. I may not go thrifting as much as I used to but I still find awesome things every time I go.

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