laneige lip sleeping mask

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Today I’m sharing my winter secret and the one product that saved my lips this season. The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask has been my saviour. If you suffer from dry or cracked lips, this might be the product for you.

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I’ve heard of Laneige before but I wasn’t really familiar with the brand or its products. It’s a Korean brand and you can get a few of their products from Ippondo. I’m sure you can get them online too but I bought mine at Albany mall.

lip sleeping mask - laneige.jpg

The famous Lip Sleeping Mask comes in a box with a tiny silicone spatula to scoop the product. The pot has 20g of product and it smells fruity. I like the scent but it’s personal preference.

laneige lipmask.jpg

The pot is full when you get it so there’s a decent amount of product in there. As you can see from the photos, I’ve done quite a dent in the tub already. I apply this every single day so have used about 1/3 of it.

laneige - lip sleeping mask.jpg

If you can’t already tell, I love this product. The main reason I bought this is because I had really dry lips at the start of winter. My lips didn’t look dry though (thankfully) BUT they felt raw and sensitive that they hurt. I couldn’t wear lipstick because my lips hurt and lipsticks didn’t look great on either.

So although no one could tell the state of my lips, I hated it and needed a miracle product. I bought a bunch of lip balms that were recommended to me even but none of them worked until this Lip Sleeping Mask.

lip mask laneige.jpg

As the name suggests, you use this on your lips when you sleep so overnight, it keeps it moisturised then you wake up with soft, smooth lips. In two days, my dry and sensitive lips were basically back to normal, if not better than before. I’ve been religiously using this ever since and I’ve never had that problem again.

The mask itself is thicker than usual balms and is waxy and slightly sticky. However, I don’t mind the stickiness as it’s like lip gloss. Even if this was stickier, I wouldn’t have cared as long as it worked. Thankfully, the formula is comfortable to wear and it gives your lips a nice shine.

I use this before bed and in the morning before I do my makeup for work. For a week after I got it, I did bring the tub with me everywhere and kept using it at work just to make sure my lips get better. After that I only apply twice a day then use other lip balms throughout the day. 

laneige lip mask

The one downside of this is the price. At Ippondo, this Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is $27.99. Yes it’s a bit steep in comparison to lip balms but I have no complaints about this product. I am willing to pay this much for a product that will keep my lips soft and smooth all the time.

As you can see from above, I got mine back in June and have been using it ever since. I will definitely repurchase this and even my sister got a tub over the weekend.

So if your lips have suffered this winter season, I recommend trying this one out. I’m so glad I bought this and my lips are thanking me for this miracle product.

If you’ve tried this before, let me know your thoughts down below.

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