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A Week in Fashion | NZFW 2017

The busiest week in fashion is done and dusted and after an exciting (but exhausting) week of going to shows, I thought I’d round up my third NZ Fashion Week here on the blog. I went to 13 shows in total which is a feat for me since I attended shows in between work. This year’s fashion week has been the best so far and I have so many highlights.

I’m going to warn you now that this post will be quite long as I’ll go through most of the shows I went to this week and the outfits I wore towards the end.

Day 1:
Katherine Victoria

Katherine Victoria

Katherine Victoria was the first show I watched and I was invited to be seated in front row which I’m thankful for. I was looking forward to this show the moment I received the millennial pink invitation.

Katherine Victoria NZFWkatherine victoria nzfw 1Katherine Victoria NZFW 2Katherine Victoria NZFW 2017

I enjoyed this show as there were quite a few pieces I could see myself wearing. The pieces were colourful, girly and comfortable. There were a mix of textures too and I think there’s something for everyone. What’s even better about this show is the diversity in the models.

Andrea Moore

Andrea Moore NZFW 2.jpg

Andrea Moore opened the show with a performance from the Royal NZ Ballet wearing pieces for the I AM FIT and SWIM range. In between, there was also a dance performance from fitness ‘influencers’ to Beyonce’s ‘Girls’.

Andrea Moore NZFW 1Andrea Moore NZFW

This was another good show as I liked most of the pieces. I liked the silky dresses, florals and the green and maroon pieces. The shoes the models were walking were also beautiful. I’ve always liked Andrea Moore footwear.


Sodastream NZFW Hailwood.jpg

I realised I didn’t take photos during the Hailwood show, mainly Instagram stories but before the show, we had cocktails and nibbles thanks to Sodastream and The PR Shop. The show itself was stunning with beautiful knits, bomber jackets and faux fur coats. I loved the shimmery pieces too.


Federation NZFW.jpg

Federation was a fun show to watch and there was a performance from Kings halfway through. The collection is called Gentle Savages and the pieces are practical and comfy yet stylish. I love the jacket on the right and I think I need a furry jacket in my life now after seeing so many this fashion week.


Salasai NZFW.jpg

Salasai was the last show of the day and it was off-site at the Hilton. The brand celebrated their 10th birthday and they ended the day with a bang. The collection featured simple black and white pieces with a touch of flouro and camo prints. The monochrome scarves as per the photo above were one of the key items too.

Day 2:
NZ Weddings Magazine

NZ Weddings Magazine

This is my first time watching the weddings show as I kept missing it every year thinking it’s the show that’s the least relatable to me but there is something so beautiful about wedding dresses. I also can’t complain seeing men in suits. Dreamy looking men in suits was a good highlight of the day. Haha

I took more videos/Insta stories during the show as it was hard to take good photos but all the dresses were amazing and the amount of detailing in each one was beautiful. Trish Peng stole the show with the full floral dress though. It had thousands of fresh flowers and took 100 hours to create.

Yu Mei

Yu Mei NZFW.jpg

Yu Mei was an installation showcasing the well-crafted leather bags. We were able to appreciate the collection by having them suspended from the ceiling whilst sipping on cocktails. I love the simplicity of the designs and the autumnal colours.

Day 3:
Wonderful Wool

This show featured four designers: Liz Mitchell, Lela Jacobs, Wanoa Four and Wynn Hamlyn so it was great seeing different collections in one.

Liz Mitchell NZFW.jpg

Liz Mitchell was first and the collection and I liked the olive and terracotta tones.

Lela Jacobs NZFW.jpg

Lela Jacobs was more oversized knits and poofy jackets.

Wanoa Four NZFW.jpg

I loved Wanoa Four. The dress with geometric pattern on the middle was my favourite.

Jason Lingard

jason lingard nzfw 1Jason Lingard NZFW

Jason Lingard’s show ‘Chaos’ was not your typical runway show. It was a contemporary dance performance showcasing the clothes that were more of an oversized fit and had a monochromatic palette.


The Miromoda show features Maori fashion design and I think it’s a must-watch show because there is so much talent in this show. This year, it showcased 9 designers.

Jacob Coutie Miromoda NZFW.jpg

The first one was Jacob Coutie and his collection was about contrast and evoking modes of feminine and masculine.


Nichola Te Kiri’s collection was inspired by Matariki.

Miromoda NZFW.jpg

The gorgeous red dress on the left is from Christopher Huia-Woods and his collection showed weaving techniques of the past. On the right is Te Kohu (Misty Ratima) and her collection was beautiful especially the jumpsuit above but the jackets/coats also had prints at the back which I loved.

Miromoda NZFW 1.jpg

MACK’s collection (on the left) are simply classic pieces and I would wear everything she showed because the clothes looked chic and comfy. The white top and skirt combo is from Te Kohu and you can see the print on the coat that I mentioned above.

I didn’t take much photos during French83 but I also really liked that show. French83 is a menswear brand and again, you can’t go wrong with beautiful men in suits. I took my flatmate Zoe and it was awesome as she took outfit photos for me afterwards.

Kate Sylvester

Kate Sylvester NZFW.jpg

If I had to pick a favourite in terms of the clothing that suits my style the most, Kate Sylvester would be my pick. I loved her show. From the knitwear, flowy dresses, florals, jumpsuits and shimmery suit, I was in love. The colours were bold and bright and there was a lot of texture. This was a definite winner.


Huffer NZFW

Now, in terms of the show itself, Huffer took the cake for me. It was the last show on Thursday night and it was at Spark Arena. Sitting in the VIP area, the atmosphere of this show was amazing. Huffer celebrated 20 years and they sure know how to put on a good show. For streetwear, Huffer had it down pat. There was double denim, classic stripes and checkered and beautiful coats.

After the show, the backdrop lifted to reveal a DJ booth with P-Money and then the party started. Huffer has a special place in my heart this year because we went to the after party and danced the night away. It was LIT (and I don’t say that word at all. Haha). I felt rough at work on Friday but it was worth it.

Moving on to what I wore this NZFW. I had three outfits:

NZFW Outift 1.jpg

Day 1 was this thrifted floral dress and Kmart blue boots. I lasted 15 hours in those boots!

NZFW Outfit 2.jpg

Day 2 was my new favourite grey pants from Mirrou, Country Road top I borrowed from my flatmate and flats because wearing heeled boots the day before was painful at the end. This outfit was comfy and also perfect for work.

NZFW Outfit 3.jpg

Day 3 was my absolute favourite and I actually had decent outfit shots! The white shirt is from Ezibuy, jumpsuit was thrifted and heels from Rubi shoes. I felt great in this outfit and it was so comfy too. I lasted in this outfit from 10:30am til about 3am although I did lose the white shirt eventually because I got too hot and I wasn’t sober. Haha

Besides watching the shows, I was also able to go inside the Trade Space and met with the lovely ladies from Issue Clothing.

Issue Clothing.jpg

Issue Clothing is about creating a capsule work wardrobe. The pieces are well-made and classic. They’re perfect to wear for work and it’s a well-curated collection of pieces. I loved the camel coat on the right and they do a good high-waisted pair of pants too.


I also checked out Saben and the bags are beautiful. The red one on the left is made from recycled leather. There were so many good pieces I wanted to take home.

I’ll be lying if I said goodie bags weren’t a highlight this year because I got great ones.

NZFW Goodie Bags.jpg

Here are a few and my tops ones this year. The Federation goodie bag had mostly food which was great. The honey drink was so good especially since I was battling a cold the whole of NZFW. Huffer’s goodie bag was probably the best with a MAC lipstick, voucher, cap and socks. The NZ Weddings Magazine show is apparently known for their goodie bags and it didn’t disappoint. It was so heavy because it had a lot. The photo on the bottom left didn’t even have the drinks.

As I mentioned before, this year’s NZFW has been the best one so far and I hope it just keeps getting better for me. I’ve watched amazing shows, met wonderful people and had a blast. I thought I wasn’t going to do fashion week this year but the FOMO got to me and I’m so glad I did.

Before I end this ridiculously long post, please check out these amazing people that made my NZFW 2017 a lot better too.

Sophie from Nana Wintour for our pre-show chats
Tony from Two Dark Coffees for shouting me coffee before Jason Lingard. He is totally killing the blogging scene along with his sister McKenzie of Currently Loving Blog
Daisy Elizabeth for the chats, being my taxi buddy and hooking me up at Huffer!
Jess Molina for being the best and I am excited to party next year

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next year. Bring on NZFW 2018!

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