2017: A Review

I have been a terrible blogger as the last time I posted here was back in October. The later part of the year is always so hectic and I also lost my blogging mojo. I’m hoping to get it back this year so to start afresh (even though this post is also a bit late), I want to look back on 2017 which has been a year of change.

2017 was by far, the hardest year as it truly tested my strength but it also turned out to be the best. It made me a stronger and better person. I took every opportunity that was presented to me and it was the year that I really felt like I was being myself. In a way, my break up was like me being set free from the anchor that weighed me down. I was finally able to live my life how I should’ve.

The biggest and recurring ‘theme’ of 2017 was my break up. People who follow me on my little twitter and those close to me would know this. Whilst it was definitely a big part of last year, that doesn’t define me. It was just the push I needed to finally be free and live my best life.

So to round off 2017, I’ve listed some of my highlights below. These are the moments that made my year pretty special.

  • Seeing my two friends get married.


This was back in March last year and I don’t know if this wedding can be topped. It was such a beautiful wedding. I love the bunch of people above.

  • Farmers Beauty Catalogue

farmers beauty catalogue.jpgBeauty at farmers.jpg

In November, I took part in a photoshoot with a bunch of lovely women for the Farmers beauty catalogue. It was a pinch-me moment seeing the actual catalogue and my face plastered inside the Farmers stores around the country. I would never have thought I would see myself inside NZ’s biggest department store but it happened all thanks to my blog. It was such a great opportunity and one I will definitely remember for years to come.

  • Friendships


Last year was the year I think I fully flourished and became more open. I feel lucky that I have maintained friendships through a difficult time in my life and I also made new ones. I’m not going to list everyone but some of the people above have made an impact.


In case you didn’t know, I have two cats and they started out being indoor-only cats because I was a super protective and worried cat mother but halfway through last year, I finally let them out to be indoor-outdoor. If you know me well, you would know that this took a lot of strength to do because it terrified me letting them out and thinking of all the potential dangers outside. I’m glad I did though because I know they’re happier.

You can follow their adventures on Instagram: turboandmouse

  • Took steps to be healthier and more active


I am in no way, shape or form to be really fit because I still have a long way to go but last year was the start of something. 2017 was probably the most active and healthiest I’ve ever been. I never used to work out and I had a long list of fruit and vegetables that I didn’t eat. Last year, I went for a lot of walks and even jogged/ran a couple of times and started Fresh Start for meals. I didn’t do it to lose weight (and I’m not lighter thanks to the holiday break) but I knew I definitely needed a more active/healthier lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, desserts are still my weakness but I hope to continue/be better this year.

  • New Zealand Fashion Week and other blogging opportunities


NZFW will always be a highlight for me. It’s one hell of a hectic week but it’s also a lot of fun. I love dressing up and seeing beautiful clothes. I wrote about NZFW 2017 already so you can check it out here. One thing I’ll repeat from that post is Huffer. The show, the goodie bag and the afterparty. I want to relive that night.

As for blogging opportunities, last year was amazing. I was invited to the Smith & Caughey’s preview, MOR Boutique, Ezibuy, The Food Show, OPI and Art of Nails to name a few.

  • Family


My sister and I are pretty close already but I think 2017 made us even closer. We see each other pretty much every week. We watched Adele, Little Mix and musicals together. I also have a better relationship with my parents who have been a great help last year.

  • Lived by myself for a few months


For a couple of months after the breakup, I lived by myself. It made me a more independent person. I learnt to be comfortable being alone. I actually loved those few months and it helped me through the moving-on phase. I managed to do everything myself and pay full rent and bills while living in Auckland in a 2-bedroom place. That was a great feat. I did this without going broke or crazy! Haha. I was able to re-do my home decor, take care of two cats and eventually replaced my old car with a new one.

  • Being strong and keeping it together

beyonce costume.jpg

Yes that is me channelling my inner Beyonce for my work’s Christmas party. It was dress-up and I went as Beyonce from the Formation music video. I thought the photo above is appropriate for this last point because I really felt like a badass and Queen B last year. Lena even called me Elle Woods.

I think I kicked 2017 in the ass. There were ups and downs but it was mostly good. My biggest achievement from last year is being strong. I can’t even remember how many times people have told me how amazed they are of how I’ve handled last year and how they’ve seen me grow. Hearing that from people was amazing and it kept me going. I’m usually not one to toot my own horn but I am extremely proud of myself. I turned a shitty situation around and I didn’t let it get to me. I can truly say I’ve never been better and I have a lot to be thankful for. Last year made re-evaluate my life and my priorities. It was an incredibly challenging year but I got through it. I was in pieces at the start of 2017 but I ended last year full of life, joy, hope and love.

I’ll stop now before I get too emotional but  I hope you liked my review above and thank you for reading until the end. I’m still unsure on how I want my blog to continue this year and how often I will post but keep checking back and follow my Instagram for more up-to-date things.

I hope 2018 is even better for all of us!

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