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During my last spontaneous Kmart trip, I discovered a new section in the beauty isle dedicated to OXX Studio. I’ve seen this brand in Kmart before but the old packaging looked more like kid’s/toy makeup. It seems like OXX has rebranded and grew up a bit because the new packaging is more chic. I picked up a few things and I’ll share my thoughts if these products are worth trying.

oxx studio cosmetics.jpg

First of all, the range of OXX Studio in my closest Kmart store is extensive. From eyeshadow, concealers, different foundations, lipsticks, mascaras and eye liners, there was so much to choose from! I wanted to get one of everything but I narrowed it down to 5 things that I really wanted to try.

oxx studio cosmetics cushion foundation.jpg

The main product that caught my attention was the OXX Studio Cushion Foundation. I’ve seen cushion foundations everywhere but I don’t really want to splurge one on because I already have so many foundations and I’ve heard they’re better for drier skin while I have a more combo/oily skin.

oxx studio cushion foundation.jpg

I got the OXX Studio Cushion Foundation in 03 Nude. When I opened the compact, I thought this shade was wrong for me as it looks really dark but I was surprised that it’s actually a pretty good match. The foundation is lighter than the colour of the cushion/sponge inside the compact. This was $8 and I don’t think you can find a cushion foundation as cheap as this.

In terms of wear, I actually don’t mind this foundation at all. It’s not heavy but it has light/medium coverage depending on how much you build it up. I didn’t like the white sponge it came in but for $8, I don’t think this is a terrible foundation. I’ve been wearing it every day for work to test it out. This doesn’t stay on my face the entire day as my skin gets oily but with a powder and setting spray, it lasts better.

oxx studio pressed powder.jpg

Next up is the OXX Studio Pressed Powder in Medium. This was $6 and for the price, I liked this. This isn’t translucent so it has some coverage which I don’t mind on top of the cushion foundation and it’s mattifying too. It’s slightly powdery/chalky compared to my favourite pressed powders but it does the job for me.

oxx studio eyeliner pen.jpg

This is the OXX Studio Eyeliner Pen in Black for $5. I was deceived by the packaging of this because it’s sealed and you can’t open it. I initially thought this would be more of a marker pen so I can draw a winged liner easy but when I opened it at home, it’s your typical eyeliner pencil. Even though I was disappointed that it’s not a marker pen, I actually didn’t hate this eyeliner. It lasted a good couple of hours and it didn’t bleed or transfer.

oxx studio lengthening mascara.jpg

My least favourite out of my haul is this OXX Studio Define Lengthening Mascara. Like the eyeliner, you can’t test this out in store to see what the brush is like. I didn’t like this mascara at all. The brush is weird and not lengthening, volumising or even separating. The formula itself isn’t anything special and didn’t lengthen my short lashes. For $6, this was disappointing and I highly recommend getting a similar priced mascara from Essence which is my favourite affordable makeup brand.

I didn’t expect to dislike this mascara so much because I tried another mascara from a Kmart brand Love Cosmetics and I really liked it. I can’t get that brand in Kmart anymore so I was hoping this would be just as good.

oxx studio brows on the go kit.jpg

Lastly, I got the OXX Studio Define Brows on the Go kit. I mistakenly picked up the brown one instead of the dark kit but I’ve still used this. It’s $7 and in the kit, you have a brow pencil, mini tweezers, spooly anda clear mascara. I’d repurchase this again just for a clear mascara because they’re not that easy to find. The brown pencil although it’s brown and a shade lighter than my actual brows glided on well and is quite creamy and long-lasting. The brown shade didn’t look weird on me as the lighter shade just softened my brows a little bit.

oxx studio kmart.jpg

So there you have it, my review of the newly improved OXX Studio makeup available at Kmart. Overall, I didn’t expect to be amazed but I was pleasantly surprised at the cushion foundation. As usual, the prices are really affordable but if you’re a makeup lover, you may think that this range is more for those who are just starting out.

I do give props to Kmart though. You I love them but they still keep surprising me when I go to the store. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

If you’ve tried any of the OXX Studio products, let me know what you think and if I should try other products in this makeup range.

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3 thoughts on “OXX Studio

  1. Starsky Shirlaw-Kessler says:

    i am super impressed with their lashes. $5.50 and FAUX mink, which is fantastic. I wore them clubbing and they stayed on all night (8 hours and alot of sweating) too which is rad.

    Liked by 1 person

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