nzfw designer runway show

NZFW: Resene Designer Selection Show

It has been exactly 2 weeks since I went to NZ Fashion Week and my experience is still fresh in my mind. I have two runway show posts left so if you’re still interested, continue reading.

Today is all about the Resene Designer Selection Show. NZFW is quite exclusive to the fashion industry and delegates only. However, the DSS is open to the public and you can purchase tickets to the show. It was on from Wednesday to Saturday at different times.

It’s a great show to get an overview of the current designer collections. There’s something for everyone and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I watched the show from the front row so I managed to take a lot of photos.

Since the show is sponsored by Resene, it opened with bright colourful clothing.nzfw designer runway show nzfw designer runway shownzfw designer runway show

Then it continued on showcasing the individual designers.

nzfw designer runway showThis was Sabatini which featured great black and white pieces.

nzfw designer runway showSlaeve is from the New Generation show at NZFW. The designer Ezekiel Crawford is actually an Architecture student that ventured into the fashion industry. The clothing has an androgynous streetwear vibe.

nzfw designer runway showWhat would NZFW be without Stolen Girlfriends Club? As usual, the collection exudes coolness.

You also can’t have Twenty Seven Names in NZFW.  I love their pieces.

nzfw designer runway show

These two brands Dmonic Intent and Zambesi were also favourites during the week. The actual Zambesi runway show was much anticipated.

nzfw designer runway show

A few pieces from Sean Kelly, the popular Project Runway winner was included in the show as well as Andrea Moore with her floral prints and great basics.

nzfw designer runway show

The Resene Designer Selection Show isn’t just for womenswear and menswear, it had lingerie and bridal wear too!

nzfw designer runway showI didn’t take photos of the underwear collection but they were lovely. These Willa & Mae robes looked so nice and comfy.

nzfw designer runway show There was also a good selection of wedding dresses.

nzfw designer runway showI love the simple lace and beaded waistline detail of this dress.

nzfw designer runway showOne of my favourite models during NZFW. I wish I remembered her name but she was fierce. I also love the clothes of Harman Grubisa. The brand has great versatile basic pieces.

I know this is quite a photo-heavy post but the show was quite long as it featured so many designers. If you haven’t been to a fashion show but want to, the Resene Designer Selection Show is a great one to go to. If you’re lucky, you may also see some half-naked All Blacks in one the shows. Jockey was in the Wednesday show and some of our nation’s rugby players got their kit out.

It also meant tighter security backstage which got a few of us backstage bloggers kicked out for being there. It was annoying since we had a job to do and it made it difficult to interview the makeup artists and hair stylists since they didn’t let anyone in even with the pass.

Anyway, I hope this was good insight of what you can expect to see in the Designer Selection Show. I think it’s worth it if you want to get a ticket for next year and the goodie bags are quite good.

As I mentioned at the start, I have a few NZFW posts left, will you still be interested seeing more runway photos? I have an upcoming one from the CLEO show during NZ Fashion Weekend. Let me know what you think below.

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