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The purr-fect outfit

I openly admit that I love cats. I’ve always liked them but ever since getting our kitty Turbo, I have become a crazy cat lady. I love my cat and all other cute kitties so much and I’m not ashamed to show this through cat-printed clothing and accessories.

Today’s outfit post features my favourite cat shirt and my newly acquired watch. I’m really pleased but how these outfit photos turned out so continue below if you want to find out the full details.

outfit ootd cat shirt

I wanted the cat shirt to be the focal point of this outfit so I kept the rest plain and simple. Because of the print, I don’t think I could pair this with any other pattern or busy print so I picked a black skirt and flats to pair it with. I’ve also worn this shirt with a pair of leggings as it’s quite long.

cat shirt outfit ootd cotton on

I’ve had this cat shirt for around 4 years now. I got it from Cotton On back in the day and I remember it being on sale for $10. I haven’t worn it in a while but I couldn’t part with it every time I cleaned my closet. I knew it would be hard to find a shirt like this again so I’m glad I kept it.

cat shirt ootd outfit skirt

The shirt is sheer so I always have a singlet underneath. In this outfit, I have a bralet from Aliexpress. The shirt also has long-sleeves but I tend to wear it with the sleeves folded.

cat shirt skirt ootd outfit cats

The skirt was also a Cotton On find which I’ve had longer than the shirt. It’s my go-to skater skirt because it goes with absolutely anything and it’s perfect to tuck shirts in.

cat shirt ootd outfit red lipstick

The cat prints on the shirt is a silhouette of cats in different positions. The print isn’t too detailed so it’s not too noticeable from afar. I always tend to pair this shirt with a red lip too.

For accessories, I have this cat watch from Kmart.

cat watch ring jewellery jewelry

It has cat ears and a rose gold meow on the face. It was $15 too so it was a great find. The hexagon ring is from Country Road.

cat shirt cats watch ootd outfit

The watch is so cute but the all black colour is quite subtle. It’s my current favourite accessory.

cat shirt quay sunglasses ootd outfit

This pair of Quay Australia sunglasses also has a cat-eye style so it’s a perfect match. I got this pair from Talk Beauty NZ.

flats loafers shoes ootd outfit

For shoes, I have this pair of loafers from Boohoo. I wear this to work more than casual days but it made this outfit more put together.

cat ootd outfit

This outfit is a more polished version of the outfit I wore when I went to The Cat Lounge.

I had the same shirt and skirt but different accessories:

The bloggers that went to The Cat Lounge with me liked my shirt and it was the perfect place/occasion to wear it too.

If this outfit doesn’t scream ‘I love cats’ I don’t know what is. I don’t mind though because I’m not ashamed to show my crazy cat lady side. It’s so true and I’ve fallen in love with my cat Turbo so much. I thought I might as well look stylish while displaying my love for cats and I think I achieved it quite well.

I love this outfit so much and I think I’m going to keep this shirt for a long time.

As I mentioned at the start, I really love the photos I took for this outfit post. It was so hard to choose which ones to share in this post and Jay from A Jay in the Life suggested on Twitter that I should make them into a gif. So here is my first ever gif:

cats cat outfit

It lowered the quality but I like it!

I hope you enjoyed this post too and if you love a daily dose of cat photos, follow my cat’s instagram Turbothetuxedo. If you want another cat-inspired outfit, I have a cat print dress and t-shirts too that I can also feature in a separate blog post. You can call me crazy cat lady and I’m proud of it.

I also have Chelsea of ChelseaLora for the post name. I was stuck with ideas and she had a brilliant suggestion on Twitter.

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