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#BlogGreatness: SAGE

Since I’ve started this blog, I have been lucky enough to be a part of the awesome #NZBloggers group and #BrunchClub. Though I have not met any of them in real life, I am blown away by the sheer creativity and talent of the members. Their support and knowledge have been helpful and inspiring too.

To motivate us bloggers, they have created a weekly challenge called #BlogGreatness which is a weekly prompt of specific words to blog about. We can interpret the word any way we like.

The first word in the challenge is Sage.

See below on how I put my own spin to this.

Sage has a few meanings. It is a spice which I have used while cooking before and it also refers to someone that is wise. Cooking is not my strong point and after the hard and tiring week I’ve had, I’m not one to blurt out wise words either. In fact, I need wisdom myself.

Anyway, my take on sage this week is the colour. I don’t have much green clothing but I recently purchased this striped dress. I have been wearing this ensemble a lot which I think is a great autumn/winter outfit.

ootd outfit dress boots

Striped dress (Valleygirl) | Tights (Kmart) | Boots (The Warehouse) | Necklace (Equip)

stripes dress

This Valleygirl dress was very inexpensive (less than $20) and the material is quite soft. This dress is super comfortable and I ended up buying it in a different colour too (there are four). It is so easy to wear and even though it is stripes, I don’t fit it to be too unflattering. It also doesn’t cling to my body.

stripes ootd dress

The necklace from Equip is one of my most worn for work. It is easy to pair with anything. My watch is Casio (as seen better here) and I got it from Onceit during their awesome watch sales.

I’ve had a few people commented on it when I wore this outfit. One was even a Topshop retail assistant. My partner’s mum also went and bought this dress in a different colour after she saw it on me. We both love it.

boots shoes heels

I’ve been pairing the dress with these brown boots from The Warehouse as I’ve talked about in this haul post. I think they go well together and these boots are fairly comfortable to wear every day.

I hope you like this post. Stay tuned next week for the next word. Also check out other NZ Bloggers that have posted about Sage here. If you want to participate in this challenge, join #NZBloggers and get posting about #BlogGreatness!

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