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MAC Lipstick Swatch

It has been a while since my last lipstick swatch so I thought I’d finally post my MAC lipstick collection and swatches.

I didn’t realise how much my MAC lipstick collection has increased in the past years. I currently have 10 which doesn’t seem too much compared to other beauty bloggers but considering these are $40NZ, it is too much.

To check all the shades in my collection and what they look like on, please click below.

mac cosmetics lipsticks makeupI have three from limited edition collections. I easily get sucked into MAC’s limited edition because of the packaging. Thankfully, all three limited edition lipsticks I bought are great and I love them all.

From bottom right to upper left, the shades are:

  • Mystical (cremesheen) – from the Alluring Aquatic collection. This is my favourite packaging out of all. I love the nude shade too.
  • Pleasure Bomb (matte) – from the Riri hearts MAC collection.
  • Tenor Voice (matte) – from the MAC Toledo line.
  • Craving (amplified) – this is hands down my favourite MAC lipstick.
  • Candy Yum Yum (matte) – it’s such a bright Barbie-pink shade but I don’t think this suits me. It’s a tad too light for my liking.
  • All Fired Up (retro matte) – Not entirely sure what’s the difference with the matte and retro matte ones but I really like this shade.
  • Lady Danger (matte) – mine have somehow melted one day so it’s a mess but I can’t part with it yet. It’s a lot creamier than my other mattes too.
  • Ruby Woo (matte) – this was my first ever MAC lipstick and an old favourite but it doesn’t seem to stick or last on my lips any more. It is super drying now and I don’t tend to reach for this as much as I used to.
  • Rebel (satin) – my only satin finish and I love this shade so much.
  • Diva (matte) – the darkest shade in my collection.

From this list, you can see that I love matte finishes but I also love the amplified and satin finish. I used to have a few more MAC lipsticks but I gave them away since I wouldn’t wear them again. I accidentally bought a frost finish on sale once and I hated it. Frosty finishes are not for me.

Here are the lip swatches:

mac cosmetics lipsticks makeupYou can see Mystical and Craving are quite similar. Craving is slightly darker and more pigmented. Craving is my most worn MAC lipstick since I got it. It is the best.

mac cosmetics lipsticks makeupAll Fired Up is also very close to Pleasure Bomb above but different finishes. My Lady Danger lipstick does not look like a matte finish any more since it melted. It’s still a nice red-orangey shade though.

mac cosmetics lipsticks makeupI love Rebel as a dark berry toned shade while Diva is a vampy red and almost quite reddish-brown.

I don’t have a full on photo of me wearing all the lipsticks but here are from my Instagram.

mac cosmetics lipsticks makeupOne on the left is with Craving on and the right is Pleasure Bomb.

What is your favourite MAC lipstick? Let me know down below.

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21 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick Swatch

    • astylecollector says:

      That’s understandable as your priorities have changed! I’m trying to cut down on spending and I’m surprised I didn’t buy more lipsticks when I went to Melbourne. I realised I have enough. Thank you! 🙂


  1. Little Misadventures says:

    Oh my goodness, I NEED to get a Mac lipstick. Like, yesterday. I’ve wanted to get one for the longest time, but the $$$ (and my bank account) have always been like “Lol, NO.” I will get a pretty lipstick one day!


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