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Melbourne Haul: Jewellery

Here’s another part of my Melbourne series. If you’ve read my beauty haul, you’d know I did a lot of shopping during my trip and today’s post is focused on the jewellery items I picked up.

As you’ll see in the photo above, I treated myself and got something from this little shop called Tiffany.

When I knew we were going to Melbourne, visiting the Tiffany & Co shop was on my list. I’ve been wanting a piece of jewellery from the store for years but we don’t have a flagship store here in NZ. There is one in the DFS Galleria in the city but it’s not a stand alone shop so their stock is limited.

tiffany & co bag jewellery necklaceWhen I saw the store in Collins St in Melbourne CBD, I had to go in. The store was quite big with a second level and I was just mesmerised by the beautiful jewellery.

I think most girls would want something from this store thanks to Breakfast at Tiffany’s and to finally have this pretty blue box!

tiffany & co melbourne haul necklace jewelleryI chose the classic Return to Tiffany heart tag pendant in medium. It’s simple and dainty so it’s something I’d wear a lot.

melbourne fashion haul tiffany & co necklace jewelleryThere’s a bigger size in a different chain but I found that way too big on me. I also wanted the double heart tag pendant but I found it too small. The medium size is the perfect size and length and just what I wanted as my first piece.

return to tiffany & co necklaceThe service was amazing. I tried on a bunch of jewellery before choosing this necklace. The matching pair of earrings were quite nice too but I restrained from getting more.

The jewellery comes in this cute pouch, a box and a little envelope with the details and receipt. I was so excited with this purchase and it was my splurge during the trip but I don’t regret it at all.

Honestly, their silver necklaces are actually quite affordable and quite similar to Karen Walker, Meadowlark and Stolen Girlfriends Club jewellery prices. It’s only when you look at the diamonds that it starts getting pricey.

On the lower end of the scale, I also got some items from Lovisa. At the time of our trip, I’ve only been to one Lovisa store in NZ and it was in New Plymouth. Now there’s two Lovisa stores near me as they replaced Equip recently.

melbourne fashion haul jewellery haul necklace rings earringsEverything in the photo except for the rose gold necklace (from H&M) in the middle is from Lovisa.

melbourne fashion haul lovisa jewellery ringsLovisa was having a big sale and they were doing 5 for $10 for their rings. I have a ring obsession so I just couldn’t pass it up.

I like wearing these rings together like this:

necklace haul gold jewellery infinityThey also had a good deal on their dainty necklaces. I don’t have much gold necklaces so I got these two. I used to love the TV show Revenge so I liked the infinity necklace.

I wore the double circle necklace to work with a plain black peplum top and got complimented on and she thought it was an expensive piece of jewellery too.

Lastly, I got this pretty pink silver ring also from Lovisa. It is from their diamond simulant range so it was slightly more expensive than the other pieces in store.

jewellery haul pink ring diamondThis ring doesn’t photograph well but it’s still really sparkly and shiny in real life.

It doesn’t look cheap when you see it on. It’s sparkly and looks better than a cubic zirconia ring. I’ve gotten a few comments about this ring and I love it.

pink ring jewellery haul nails notdI have L.A. Colors gel like polish in Mademoiselle on my nails in the photo above. The nail polish was in my last makeup/beauty haul.

The last thing that I didn’t take a close-up photo of is the pair of silver double ball earrings. It is like the famous Dior earrings which everyone was crazy about sometime last year. I wanted to try it and at first I thought it was big but it’s quite nice to have on when I have my hair up.

This was quite a short post so if you want to see my other Melbourne posts, here they are:


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12 thoughts on “Melbourne Haul: Jewellery

  1. lennielaw says:

    Love your Tiffany’s necklace- the engraved heart is one of my favourites, I really want it in a ring! I didn’t know Lovisa took over Equip too? I used to work at Diva and then Lovisa, when it was taking over Diva. I do enjoy the jewellery there though- they don’t have one in town which is where I usually shop so I’ve been deprived!

    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      They do have it in a ring! I wanted it too but it was too big for my liking. I like dainty rings more but it’s still pretty. I thought Lovisa took over Equip since two stores here in the shore used to be Equip but are now both Lovisa too. They’ve eliminated all other affordable jewellery stores now. I don’t mind though because I think Lovisa has better selection. I was talking to my sister about this the other day that the city doesn’t really have jewellery stores except for expensive ones. A Lovisa needs to open there asap.


  2. Alisha Barbara says:

    I really want to go Jewellery shopping now!! It has been too long since I have treated myself! That Tiffany necklace is GORGEOUS!! Lovisa has to be my favourite lower end jewellery store! They have such stunning jewellery there! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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