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Melbourne Beauty Haul

This post is long overdue but as they say, it’s better late than never! It has been a few months since my Melbourne trip and I’m only posting this now. I apologise for the delay but as you may know, I did a bit of shopping while I was over there.

I didn’t think I went too crazy but I got a fair bit of makeup, mostly drugstore though. Priceline was my favourite shop ever and I wish we have it here in NZ.

If you want to see all the beauty products I got during my trip, click below.

beauty cosmetics makeup haul australisWe have Australis cosmetics here in NZ but I’ve never tried the brand before. These are my first Australis products.

I absolutely love the Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder and the Blemish Buster Primer. I both featured them in my September Favourites post so I won’t go on about them too much but they’re great products.

As for the Mix It Foundation, this didn’t really work for me. I gave it to my sister as she has dry skin while I have oily skin. This foundation just didn’t sit well on my skin, didn’t last long and didn’t do much for me. I have the Velourlips in shades ny-cee (red) and shang-hi! (purple). I like these because they last a while on my lips. However, they’re really drying.

I’ve seen/heard mixed reviews of the AC ON TOUR contour and highlighting kit. I’ve only used it about three times since getting it as I forget I have it so I don’t have a proper review of it yet. Some of the shades are a bit dark and orangey for my skin though.

I forgot to add in the photo above but I also bought the Australis CC Foundation. However, the packaging teared at the top on the flight home so I couldn’t squeeze the tube any more. I’ve used it a couple of times but it didn’t work well on my oily skin either even though it’s meant to control oil and is a matte finish. My face gets oily quickly whenever I used it.

beauty cosmetics makeup haul nyxI was excited to see NYX cosmetics in Melbourne. We don’t have NYX in stores here and I found the brand in Target. I want some of the lip products but unfortunately the two Target stores I went to were all sold out of the famous lip creams. I got two setting sprays and a few blushes instead.

I gave the Dewy Finish setting spray and one of the baked blush to my sister. I was left with the Matte Finish setting spray, Baked Blush in BBL11 Chiffon and Powder Blush in PB02 Dusty Rose. I really like both NYX blushes. The baked blush has shimmer so it can also be used as a highlighter.

beauty cosmetics makeup haul essenceI also picked up two things from Essence. I love Essence cosmetics and although we can get it in NZ, my nearest Farmers are usually out of stock. I’ve been trying to get a hold of this Blush Up! ombre blush in heat wave so I didn’t hesitate buying it over there. I also wanted to try the All About Matt powder and it’s okay. It’s not the best powder especially for oily skin. It keeps my face matte when I put it on but it doesn’t last very long.

beauty cosmetics makeup haul chi chi I am big lipstick lover so I was surprised I only picked up one lipstick while I was away and this is my first Chi Chi cosmetics product. Chi Chi was on sale when I was there so got the Viva La Diva Velvet Lipstick in Runway Red. It is a great bright pinky-red shade. I love the bright packaging of Chi Chi lipsticks. I also really love the smell. This lipstick smells fruity or almost candy/lolly-like when you put it on. I want to try more of their lipsticks because I’m impressed.

beauty cosmetics makeup haul macIn David Jones, I bought a backup of my favourite Shu Uemura eyelash curler. I love this so much and it’s the only one I’d use on my lashes because it’s great at curling.

At the airport, I grabbed the MAC Strobe Cream. I’ve been wanting to try this for ages. I hate the hard bottle but this also appeared in my September Favourites.

beauty cosmetics makeup haul pricelineSome random bits I picked up from Priceline: La Roche-Posay eye cream, CO LAB dry shampoo and a backup of the Trilogy Rosehip Oil.

I’ve been using the eye cream. However, I haven’t seen a big difference because I don’t have lines or wrinkles on my eyes as of yet (fingers crossed I won’t have them for a long time) but I do like it. As for the dry shampoo, I really liked it at first and the scent is great but I don’t think it’s any better than Batiste. I actually prefer Batiste because I can see it working straight away.

Besides makeup, I also got a few fragrances:

beauty cosmetics makeup haul philosophyI don’t know where else you can get Philosophy in NZ but I found a section in Duty Free and I got this Amazing Grace fragrance. I know a lot of people like this scent and it’s a good every day perfume for me.

beauty cosmetics makeup haul zara perfumesWhat I didn’t expect was Zara though. I went a bit crazy on their perfumes because they’re amazing! I got a few sets which were so inexpensive I couldn’t help it. These were the cause of my back pain during shopping but it was worth it because I love them.

The Zara Collection & Sport is a set of men’s perfume which I gave to my dad. I gave one set to my sister too and I was left with two sets in the black box on the left and the smaller set in the bottom centre.

beauty cosmetics makeup haul perfumesThe perfumes look like this.

I have a perfume collection post coming soon so I won’t go into detail but if you’re in Zara and want a new fragrance, go check it out. The small set was AUS$19 and the bigger sets were AUS$29 and they have two perfumes in each box. It’s pretty good value and great for gifts.

That’s all I have for today but I have another Melbourne haul to come which is more on the fashion side.

As you’d see above, I got a bunch and the rest I haven’t posted here are clothing and jewellery. I already did a post on the shoes I got in Melbourne so if you haven’t seen that, click this.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I did have a week break from blogging last week but I’m back again. I just needed some time to relax so I took time off. I have a lot of posts coming up though so keep coming back for more.

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17 thoughts on “Melbourne Beauty Haul

  1. Teresa says:

    You did some damage! Hahaha it’s great travelling to new places and checking out the new-to-you products. I have been using both the La Roche Posay eye cream and the COlab dry shampoo — they’re both good basics to have around. I do prefer the Colab to Batiste because I like that it’s more lightweight, but Ruth Crilly has recently brought out a thicker, more texturising version as well that’s more like other traditional dry shampoos. I’ve never tried Nyx before, you’ve reminded me to go and check them out instore!

    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      I definitely did! I was tempted to buy high end too but I wanted to stretch my budget and get things I haven’t tried before in the drugstore. I guess I’m just so used to Batiste and my scalp is also quite oily so I need something that is heavier. Is Nyx easily available there? We can’t get it in stores here which is frustrating but I’ve heard a store may be opening in Auckland soon. I have my fingers crossed.


    • astylecollector says:

      Thanks Nishu! Priceline is awesome. I couldn’t believe the selection there and the prices too. I spent way too long in there. Haha
      The Zara fragrances are definitely good value and they all smell good. I wanted to buy all the sets but my baggage wouldn’t allow it. I really want to go back to Melbourne!


      • brushandbullet says:

        I saw that, that’s so exciting! Nyx isn’t very readily available instore in London, but there’s currently a pop-up in Selfridges, and maybe a couple of other stores here and there, plus I think they’re now stocked by selected Boots pharmacies. Online is easier but it’s much nicer being able to try in person!


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