december highlights

December Highlights

It’s the last month of 2015 and it has been a hectic one for sure. There were a few ups and downs but I’m here to focus on the great things that happened in December.

I went to a few work parties, graduation and out of town for a few days. See all my highlights below.

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  • It’s finally summer on our side of the world so we’ve been having beautiful sunny days.
  • I went to the Auckland Fair for the first time this month and it was pretty good. I ended up getting diffusers from Handmade by Bee.
  • I got this cat dress from the opshop and I love it.
  • I entered Nana Wintour‘s blog giveaway and I was one of the winners!
  • I tried Southern Maid donuts for the first time and they were so good.
  • My team at work played lawn bowls at Ponsonby Bowling Club and it was actually really fun. I wasn’t very good at it but it was fun nonetheless.

More of my highlights this month…


Summer means it doesn’t get dark until after 8pm so we have more time to go enjoy the sunshine. I love walking along the beach.

auckland beach devonport dog summerIt’s not a kiwi summer if you haven’t had fish and chips by the beach. We did this at our favourite Cheltenham Beach and this dog kept coming to us. His name was Chester and he was wandering around. His owner eventually found him from the house behind our spot.

auckland north shore beach summer view natureThis was yesterday when we walked along Rothesay Bay.

Kelly Tarltons:

kelly tarltons auckland penguinsMy dad’s work party was at Kelly Tarltons and their children/family were allowed to come. My sister and I said we’ll go even though we’re both over the age of 20. It was enjoyable since we went at night and the whole place was closed to the public.

kelly tarltons aucklandI haven’t been back at Kelly Tarltons since we moved to New Zealand almost 10 years ago. Not much has changed but it was pretty cool eatching the live feeding part.

Sister’s Graduation:

summer graduation autMy sister Joan finished her Patisserie course from AUT and graduation this month. Quite proud of her and hard work pays off. We all enjoyed the amazing treats she got to take home from uni.

Franklin Road Christmas Lights:

franklin road christmas lights reindeer aucklandEvery year, Franklin Road in Auckland lights up for Christmas. Almost every house participates and they go all out with Christmas decorations. I don’t think I went last year but we’re starting the tradition again.

franklin road auckland christmas lightsSome houses went all out. I was impressed by the Christmas village (right photo) inside one of the houses. They basically had a whole room dedicated for it with a moving train and all sorts.

Work parties:

I went to my work and my boyfriend’s work Christmas parties. Mine was low-key but it had a dress-up theme of The Great Gatsby.

dress outfit work partyI didn’t want to buy an outfit for it but I chose this Topshop sequinned dress I got years ago with the Rubi nude heels.

auckland view sebel quay westMy boyfriend’s work party was at The Hilton. We couldn’t book a room there to stay the night but we ended up at The Sebel Quay West hotel. This was the view from our room’s balcony. Not bad although it wasn’t a sunny day.

christmas work party outfits ootnMy sister was also at that party so we got ready together. I’m wearing another Topshop embellished dress and Kmart heels.

Christmas in the countryside:

country hammock new zealand nature treesI spent Christmas away from Auckland which was a nice change going from city to being out in the countryside with barely any reception and wifi. We were only there for a few days but it was relaxing.

christmas countryside new zealand nature hot poolsI spent it with my boyfriend’s family this year. We opened presents at 7:30am on Christmas Day, we went to the hot pools and just relaxed. The boyfriend constructed a makeshift cricket bat using scrap wood which actually worked.

cats cat kitten animalsTheir family had two cats Bella (top) and Truffles (bottom). They were both cute but Bella was so fluffy and gentle while Truffles is a bit feisty. I had good cuddles with both.

My favourite spot was the hammock. This was on Boxing Day and for once I didn’t hit the shops.

I started reading this book Big Little Lies and eventually I fell asleep on the hammock too. It was so nice having an afternoon nap there. It’s definitely one of my highlights.

I can’t believe we’re in the last day of 2015. Wherever you’re celebrating NYE, I hope you have a great time. Happy New Year everyone!

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