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Talk Beauty NZ

Last Saturday, I attended my first ever beauty event. Talk Beauty NZ is an event for beauty bloggers/vloggers, makeup artists and beauty lovers. Now I know I’m not just a beauty blogger but I do love makeup and feature it here on the blog so I thought it was a great opportunity to meet fellow beauty enthusiasts and brands.

If you want to know what we got up to at Talk Beauty NZ, click below.

The event was at the Crew Club which is right by the Auckland Maritime Museum and right by the waterfront.

This was our set up:

talkbeautynz beauty bloggers

I think there were 20-30 bloggers at the event which was a good amount of people. Some of us also met up for lunch at Mecca Viaduct before hand and it was so nice because we all went together.

talk beauty nz the crew club auckland

When we arrived, we were greeted by Brittany, who organised this amazing event and we got name tags. We had a good view of the products that were presented at the event. It was really exciting because all of the brands at Talk Beauty NZ, I’ve never tried or even heard of before.

The first two brands that we were introduced to was Kevin Murphy and Eleven.

Kevin Murphy is an Australian cruelty-free haircare brand. All the haircare products are PETA approved and they are basically ‘skincare for your hair’. The packaging is beautiful and the products smell amazing. We got to test out a few and we also got a hair demonstration from the lovely Sophie.

talkbeautynz kevin murphy hair demo

Sophie taught us a quick hair tutorial on how to achieve a sexy up-do using some of Kevin Murphy and Elevan hair products. I learned a few hair tricks as well such as blow drying the hair properly to give it volume.

I also learnt the new trend of hair sewing. I’ve never heard of it before but Kevin Murphy has different colour threads and needle to sew you hair so you won’t have to use bobby pins for intricate up-dos. Sophie used a darker thread so we could see it and she wanted a messy/just got out of bed hairstyle. She didn’t want it to be perfect.

kevin murphy hair talkbeautynz

She did the hair tutorial on the beautiful Rebeka (rebekahbanks) and above was the end result. She said the hair sewing did not feel too tight and that he hair feels soft and light even with all the products used.

I’m not good at changing hairstyles especially doing up-dos. I can’t even braid my hair properly so it was interesting. I don’t know if I’ll be able to recreate it though.

kevin murphy haircare talkbeautynzHere are more Kevin Murphy hair products. I was quite intrigued by the range and I found the Color Bug (bottom left) the most interesting because they look like the EOS lip balms but they’re a wipe on, wipe off colour for your hair like hair chalk but better. I tried the gold one on my ends and it was so nice.

talkbeautynz eleven kevin murphy haircare

Eleven was also featured. The brand has shampoos and conditioners as well as body products. Apparently, the Hair Miracle Treatment is the best one and I’m excited to try it.

 Next up was Cailyn Cosmetics.

cailyn cosmetics talkbeautynz

Cailyn Cosmetics had three products on display: the BB Fluid Touch Compact which had a clever recyclable packaging, the Pure Lust Matte Tints and the O! Wow oval brush.

cailyn cosmetics o! wow brush talkbeautynz

The O! Wow brush is something special. I’ve seen this oval face brush around but I’ve never tried the Cailyn Cosmetics one. I’m so excited to test the real deal out and see if foundations apply better with this instead of a sponge or other makeup brushes.

Right after was Blinc.

talkbeautynz blinc cosmetics mascara

I’ve never heard of Blinc before but from what I’ve been told, Blinc mascaras are revolutionary because it tubes your lashes instead of just coating it so it will last while you’re swimming, running or crying. It will not budge or smudge unless you take it off with warm water and a bit of pressure.

For skincare, there was Enbacci, a Melbourne brand that is also cruelty-free.

talkbeautynz enbacci skincare

The brand has all the skincare you need but what interested me the most was the Detoxifying Clay Mask because it is white so you won’t look like a poo-faced monster while you have it on.

Lastly, there was also Gem Box which is a monthly jewellery subscription service in NZ where you get 3-4 jewellery pieces depending on your style.

Besides all the beauty products, the Crew Club also provided some nibbles.

crew club talkbeautynz food

The food was pretty tasty although I was still full from lunch.

Before the event finished, there was also a giveaway and my name was drawn!

quay australia sunglasses talkbeautynz

Excuse the resting bitch face but I won a pair of Quay Australia sunglasses! I was so stoked! I’ve wanted a pair from the brand for ages and I finally got one.

talkbeautynz beauty bloggers event auckland

The event was so much fun and I met wonderful bloggers. In my selfies above are Alisha (Passion is Beauty) and Karin (Kazza7blogs). There was an Instax printer so we could print our snaps at the event too.

I had such a great afternoon and I thought it wouldn’t get better but it did. We got to take home amazing goodie bags.

We got three bags full of goodies and I didn’t expect it at all.

I got home and I was overwhelmed by all the things. Even Turbo was curious:

I have so many goodies to share with you but I’ll show that in my next post. Expect a haul of all the products we got by attending Talk Beauty NZ next week. I promise you that it’s a pretty good haul so stay tuned for that.

I hope you liked today’s post and gave you an idea of what Talk Beauty NZ is about so you have an idea of what it’s like for next time. I can’t wait for the next event like this. It was so much fun and exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much to Brittany for making it all happen and to all the sponsors that made it possible.

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    • astylecollector says:

      It was nice meeting you too Karin! Same. It was a great afternoon and I’m still not over the goodie bag! I haven’t touched anything though because I need to haul it on the blog first. I’ve seen your Instagram and you’ve started using some of the products already. 🙂


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