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Life Update: My New Kitten

I’m back with another extra post for the week. Since it’s my birthday month and the start of 2016, I feel like I have so much more to share.

Two weeks ago, I had an extra post (25 Random Questions Tag) which was more personal. I touched on having a kitten then but I didn’t elaborate as we’ve only had him for a few days.

Today I want to share to everyone our little Turbo. If you love cats/kittens or want to know more on the adoption process, click below.

turbo kitten cat kitty

First of all, we’ve been thinking of getting a cat for a long time. We currently rent so we had to ask our landlord if it was okay to get a cat. Thankfully, last year our landlord agreed as our house already has a cat door from the previous owner. After getting approval, we waited until we had time to be prepared etc. Months passed and we still haven’t so just before my birthday, I told my partner that I want a kitten as a gift.

domestic short hair spca cats turbo kitty kitten cat

We both had time off work during the Christmas/New Year holidays so it was the best time to get one. The day after new year, we finally went to the SPCA.

cute kitten turbo kitty cat spca cats domestic short hair

If you plan on adopting from the SPCA, make sure you go there early. I knew from their website that they opened at 10am so I rang just before that. I was told to get there as soon as possible because the kittens usually go quick as people wait outside before they even open. They don’t hold cats either so it’s basically a first come, first serve basis.

With that news, we left our house immediately and headed to Mangere which was a bit of a drive from ours. We were lucky to get there when we did because if we arrived half an hour later, all the kittens would’ve been adopted that day. We would’ve settled for a teenager cat too but a kitten was our first choice.

turbo cat cats kitten kitty spcaTurbo was one of the last ones in there. My sister spotted him and his brother straight away because they wanted affection. They were both reaching out from their cage and meowing lots. My partner and I didn’t pay them too much attention at first because we both thought they were already taken. We didn’t want our heart set on a kitten and then find out someone was taking them home already.

turbo kitten cat cats spca kitty domestic short hairTurbo’s name was originally Rex and only him and his brother were left. Their other two siblings were taken earlier that morning. We couldn’t decide which one to take first but he was the calmer, less hyper one between them and we loved his white paws. Luckily we’ve already decided to get him because another family came and took his brother just a minute later.

After we put our name down for him, we lined up to pay. Kittens are $170 from the SPCA. You can also get SPCA cats from Animates for around $180. Animals from the SPCA are so reasonably priced and they come vet-checked, desexed, vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas and also microchipped.

We also bought a box to take him home in the car in and a kitten starter pack for around $50 which had the essentials: litter tray, litter, scoop, toy and the food he was already eating which is Science Diet. It was pretty good value.

Turbo was 9 weeks old when we adopted him. Here’s my first photo:

He meowed lots in the car but he was pretty tame. When we got home, he had to stay in a room for at least half an hour before being let out. We kept him in our bathroom because our laundry isn’t really nice for a kitten then eventually we put him in the hallway where he slept for a few days before we let him around the house.

We renamed him Turbo because we didn’t think Rex was right for him. He was running around our lounge in such a fast manner that my partner randomly said “he’s like a Turbo machine”. We looked at each other and we agreed on the name. His purr is also really loud like an engine so it felt like in was an appropriate name.

turbo kitty kitten cat

As a kitten, Turbo is so hyper but he also sleeps a lot. After 2 weeks, he is cuddlier now too which I absolutely love. He’s more vocal and he softly whimpers when I pat him. He’s so cute and I am completely smitten by him.

I’ve never had a pet before. My partner and I are first time pet owners/parents. I love him so much even though he can be quite naughty. He was litter trained too and he’s been really good with using his litter tray but he’s not good at covering it up. I’m happy as long as it’s actually in the tray.

He can be super naughty but I can’t be too angry with him though. Just look at that face! I love his pointy ears, his two white dots that look like a moustache, his square shape patch on his back right paw and his light stripes.

cute cat turbo kitten kitty spca cats domestic short hairHe’s definitely my cat because he loves the camera. If you can’t tell already with the photos above, he loves to pose. I have so much photos of him that I’ve created an Instagram (my.turbo.kitty) page for him.

turbo kitty kitten cat spca cats domestic short hir

I made it so I have somewhere to post my photos and avoid spamming my actual Instagram page. I try to post there daily. Since I have so much photos, I’ve actually been posting twice a day.

kitten turbo kitty cat cats spca domestic short hairI hate leaving him at home when I go to work but we have to. This means that I look forward to coming home so much more now too. I think having a pet is the closest thing to having a child and I certainly feel that way. I love him so much and I’m dreading the day that we could let him explore the outside.

If you didn’t know, it is recommended to keep kittens inside the house for 6 weeks. He definitely wants to go outside and is so curious of what’s out there but I’m so scared for that time to come. I hope he’ll be fine but I don’t want anything bad to happen to him or for him to run away.

So far he’s confined inside our house and in a couple of weeks, we can slowly introduce him to the outside world.

sleeping cat kitten turbo kitty spca cats domestic short hair

If you are thinking of getting a kitten, keep in mind that they need monthly vaccinations and worming and flea treatments up until they’re 6 months old. This is important before they’re let outside too. Kittens are a lot more work than adult cats. We had to adjust our habits and lifestyle a bit but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Having him has brought me so much joy and he is definitely what we needed. Our family has gained one furry baby and I couldn’t be happier.

If you’re planning on getting a pet, I highly recommend going to the SPCA. There are so many animals that need rehoming. They will be your friend for a really long time and they will love you so much.

Since getting Turbo, I had an excuse to go pet shopping! This was exciting as I now have a reason to go to Animates and pet stores. I recommend signing up to Animates too because they have a point system. Kmart is also great for pet stuff.

kmart pet cat cats kitten kittens toys

I got his bed ($9), scratch post (12) and cat tunnel (around $6). You can buy a bed for around $50 in Animates too but I didn’t see the point. Thankfully I got the Kmart one because he barely sleeps on his bed now. He likes our couch.

cat cats pet kmart kitten kitten toysI highly recommend that red fish on the upper left photo. Turbo loves it so much he goes crazy for it compared to any other toys. It’s $3.50 and it’s the best thing for him. I got two extra ones as the fish doesn’t last long as he attacks it so much.

I hope you enjoyed this extra post of mine. I know it’s even more outside my usual fashion/beauty/lifestyle post but I couldn’t not share my current love. I was also encouraged by Emily of Miss White’s Makeup Desk to post about Turbo as she wrote a post about her cute kitten Harry. Check out her post for more cuteness!

If you’ve been thinking of getting a pet, just do it if you know you can take care of it. It’s not easy but you won’t regret it. I can’t see my life without my little Turbo now.

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