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OOTD: Auckland Art Gallery + Singin’ in the Rain

Last May, my sister and I watched Singin’ in the Rain in Civic Theatre. We had a bit of time before the show so we checked out the Auckland Art Gallery too.

We managed to snap some outfit shots which was a bonus!

Check out some photos from the art gallery, outfit shots and what I thought of Singin’ in the Rain below. I know this post is a bit late but it’s better late than never!

Let’s start with the outfits.

ootd outfit fashion lookbook bootsMy sister is wearing Boohoo crop top (also seen in this haul), Cotton On skater skirt and coat, Equip necklace, Kmart bag and No1 shoes boots.

boohoo outfit ootd fashion dress bootsI’m wearing this Boohoo Dress and The Warehouse ankle boots.  I’m glad my sister managed to take decent outfit shots! It was hard though because people wanted to walk pass the bridge but the lighting was too good to pass up.

auckland art gallery building architecture billy appleNow onto the Auckland Art Gallery. I really love going to the art gallery ever since it has been redone. It is free to enter and they have great art pieces. It was pouring down with rain that day so it was great to be inside. You can also leave your umbrellas and bags in the baggage counter. They have great service in there.

auckland art gallery art design artworkI love the variety of art work inside the gallery. I also love the beautiful architecture inside. It is amazing. My favourite parts are the NZ Collection by the south atrium and the Victorian Art area.

auckland art gallery art design artworkauckland art gallery paintings portraitThese portraits above were amazing. The man on the left was mesmerising. I couldn’t stop staring at it. They looked so real.

The reason we were in town was because of Singin’ in the Rain.

singin in the rain musical show aucklandMy sister and I love watching musicals and I’m so glad we came to this because it was great! We were close to the front and at one part, the lead character Kathy Selden went down the stage on our side so we could see her up close.

singin in the rain musical show aucklandIt was also amazing to see rain on stage. The cast was amazing and the show was funny and highly entertaining. Lina Lamont was so good at being bad. That screeching voice was hilarious and I love Cosmo’s character. I have yet to watch a musical I don’t like. Wicked is still my absolute favourite but I highly recommend this although it is now finished showing in Auckland.

The next musical this year is Cats. We haven’t decided if we’re going to watch it yet so if you have seen it before here or somewhere else in the world, let me know if it’s worth it.

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11 thoughts on “OOTD: Auckland Art Gallery + Singin’ in the Rain

  1. Raven Alixis says:

    I used to be in choir and singing in the rain was EVERYONES favorite so I slowly and sadly got tired of it 😦 But these outfits are so cute I am in awe!! And I totally agree that painting looks a little bit tooo real… haha You literally inspired me to go see more art and musicals!! I just love this post!!!


    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      To be honest, before I watched this musical I haven’t properly seen/watched it before. Haha. It was somewhat new to me so it was pretty good. My sister and I love watching musicals. We saw Wicked last year and that was my absolute favourite.

      Thank you! 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jules says:

    hahah I looked at the photos quickly and I thought you had a wardrobe change!
    I’m so jealous you got to see SitT, I forgot about it and by the time I wanted to get tickets I couldn’t

    Jules.- thekiwidiaries.com

    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      I’m not up for outfit changes in public yet… It was hard enough taking outfit photos for the blog beyond my house. Haha I don’t know how fashion bloggers do it. I feel so shy and conscious.

      Oh no! I’m sure another production of it will come back. I love musicals and SitR was really good. Not sure if I should see Cats though! Still undecided on that one.


    • astylecollector says:

      I showed your comment to my sister. She says thank you! 🙂 that mustard skirt was once mine… Haha but she made me get that crop top and it’s so nice.
      You definitely should check it out. I love that it’s free entry. There are so many good spots to take outfit photos there too. It’s also just good to roam around in and enjoy the art. 🙂


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